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Keepers had hoped Kesho would be a surrogate parent to the youngster after the death of his biological father Yeboah.
They had hoped the new silverback, who arrived last August, would bring balance and stability to the group following the tragedies. Zoological director David Field said everyone at the zoo was a€?utterly devastateda€™ by the youngstera€™s death.
Eleven-year-old Kesho is the third male western lowland gorilla to live at the zoo in the last two years. Habitat:The group live at Gorilla Kingdom at London Zoo which has been designed to keep its inhabitants entertainedIt was also believed that without a male the females were likely to become unsettled and unhappy.

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Zookeepers (right) have had a very close relationship with Siri (left) after she was rejected by her mother Halla.

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