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I’ve recently been asked to post more about shopping and something I've spotted online and loved enough to share it here… So, here I am! Thank you so much for reading and commenting, for all the love and support that never go unnoticed! Juro, bajo pena de perjurio, que la informaciA?n de esta notificaciA?n es correcta y que soy el propietario de los derechos de autor o estoy autorizado a actuar en nombre del propietario de un derecho exclusivo que presuntamente se ha infringido.

So if you are like me still haven’t found your perfect pair then these favorite picks of mine might be helpful.
I love the ones with visible wedge, otherwise they look too much like orthopedoc shoes in my eyes.. Unfortunately, I can't pull sneakers off, so a wedged sneaker would probably be too sporty for me.

No conocia tu blog… pero desde hoy te sigo;)Te dejo mi direccion de blog, si te gusta no dudes en seguirme para estar en contacto!!

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