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In 1862, he published his "Commentary on Acts," which had occupied all the time he could devote to it for three and a half years.
A French Protestant theologian during the Protestant Reformation and was a central developer of the system of Christian theology called Calvinism or Reformed theology. Originally written in 1706, Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary provides a condensed look at nearly every verse in the Bible. Dois detetives particulares sao designados para investigar o misterioso desaparecimento da pequena Amanda McCready (Madeline OBrien). He was an eloquent preacher, but his reputation rests chiefly on his expository works, which are said to have had a larger circulation both in Europe and America than any others of their class.

This is a work of decided merit, and at once fixes his reputation as a fine Biblical scholar. He is renowned for his teachings and writings, in particular for his Institutes of the Christian Religion. He was one of the greatest exponents and defenders of historical Calvinism in America during the 19th century. Of the well-known Notes on the New Testament, it is said that more than a million volumes had been issued by 1870. From 1729 he participated in a religious study group in Oxford organized by his brother Charles (1707-1788), its members being dubbed the "Methodists" for their emphasis on methodical study and devotion.

It covers every chapter in the Bible, with a fine balance of learning and evangelical devotion. Em ultima instancia, os dois terao de arriscar a sua propria amizade e tudo o que tem de mais valioso - as suas relacoes afetivas, suas saudes mentais e ate mesmo as suas proprias vidas - para encontrar a verdade sobre a menina desaparecida.
In 1914 his ministry was also broadened through a series of summer Bible conferences with D.L.

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