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Check out our BFF #3 Digital Library that holds many rich resources for the growing Christian including the book above! Manuscript Study of the Book of Titus highlights the first part of doing an inductive Bible study on a book of the Bible such as Titus. Download your free manuscript of Titus with line numbers here in the NASB version (pdf) or click the image below. One way people have done this is through eliminating all the Bible verses, paragraphs and other separation marks or comments.
Or just order the printed copy or download of the Inductive Bible Study in Titus which comes with student handouts in pdf and .doc to edit.
Although this manuscript study (this is what this process is called) is important, it is not critical.
The point of a manuscript study is to read the Bible book (or passage) and then write down what you think are the best divisions for the book.
Observation, interpretation and application questions will be made for each unit or section so to thoroughly discuss the contents and apply the truths to our lives.

After each section has its IBS study questions, titles are remade and an outline for the whole book can be formed. The funds raised will from the event will be disbursed to Titus 2 and will be used for the women in residence at the ministry’s home for Thanksgiving and Advent season needs. If your group would like to plan a hospitality event, recreation activity, entertainment outing, fundraiser, or prepare a meal for the Titus 2 ladies, contact Cathy Byrd at 832-4052.
Titus Two and Tea will give you the opportunity to explore what the scriptures have to say about loving your husband, loving your children, self-control, purity, home making, and subjection. Titus Two and Tea will challenge you to examine your life and your attitudes to discover what changes may need to be made in order to bring your life into line with the word of God. This is done by reading it over and over until one gains a good grasp of its contents and purpose. Check out the great number of articles on the BFF Biblical Training Library all for one low cost. This is easiest done by carefully noting the change of topics or key words like a€?fora€™, a€?thereforea€™, a€?whena€™, etc.

If you are interested in growing individually as a woman according to the word of God, this study is for you! So as much as possible we strip the Bible text of extra markings so that we can form our own judgment on where there might be a change in subject (indicating a new paragraph). The number lines on the left are placed so that there is a way to refer to which line is being spoken of (see the right).
Linda has a teaching credential and has taught in Christian schools, public schools, as well as at Women's Bible studies.

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