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A fantastic frame for the money, it just didn't suit where I was riding so better to move it on otherwise I'll just save it for a winter hack - which just wouldn't do it justice. The Fileline is the slight second 'special edition' version of the Fireline which has one of the rear brake mount holes drilled slightly out - just requires slight clearancing of the caliper bolt hole.
Read the thread on MTBR a while ago but have you got a link to the thread and have on one offered a solution for those with an early frame? From the links above it seems to be the early V3s, so that would be spring 2012 on I guess? Further investigating reveals mine's a V1, which confusingly isn't the first EG but rather the first on-one EG.
Not having issues, just curious which version it is, and whether it might be one with the jigging issue. So would you say the current ready to ride el guapo on the website is set up geometry wise how it should be?
Hi guys,I'm new here and here's my ride.Nothing special but this is my first ever FS and mighty proud of it!I will not win races, i will not climb the highest mountain but this is my pride! Just had a rough weigh in for my bike (weighed myself on the weighing machine, then with bike) and it turns out to be ard 13kg (28.6pounds).Is that a decent weight for an AM bike?

Doubtful its 28lbs, seems on the light side for the kit on it, 36 180's and a tough frame and wheelset, would say 30 or so lbs would be closer to the mark, which is still a decent weight considering. I am ever so slightly (read massively) tempted with the x9 el guapo, crazy spec for the money.
25,000+ Web Publishers monetize their website traffic through Affinity's exclusive, customizable and easy-to-implement contextual ad formats. Its a victim of its own success really as it rides and especially climbs so well that I find myself sat down all the time and its hurting my back.
Though the fault is mostly me being a lanky git (6'4") and it's really too small for me to be doing XC nonsense on! It's low with the totems at 160 (more than +10 over revs IIRC) and whilst it feels good, lower might be too low. I always wondered why some people complained about an over-low BB, as I always found mine low but fine. Frame was optimised for longer fork, which means that the seat angle is steeper for a given fork length, but the head angle was slackened a degree too. Is the string between axles and measuring the offset sufficent for you to know if it's one which was subject to the jigging error or is there a better way to tell?

Never felt so good bombing down the slopes!Just needs some getting used to for the geometry and still fiddling with the shox settings.
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But that there were some early V3s with issues explains it, as I've got a late V2 which presumably doesn't have the issues. Some of these models had a jigging error and had a BB that was too low, but by no means all of them. More a long travel XC fork than a short travel DH fork which is what it really deserves IMO.

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