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I know this is practically the first comment I’ve left about the wedding pictures, but I kind of wanted to wait to see all of them. The clouds made a gorgeous sky in all of the outdoor pictures Congratulations to Joseph and Elissa. Since our new book, Managers of Their Chores has been out, we’ve kept busy keeping the books compiled! Recently, Dad declared several Chore book work sessions; we absolutely love to work together! We will work to keep you updated on our family and what’s happening in the Managers of Their Homes ministry. This brought joy to us and much gratefulness for our Father in heaven who created love, marriage and family and for His good rules for them! I?m sure Joseph and Elissa are able to love each other with a very pure and unselfish love!
It has been so encouraging in so many areas–the courtships of the children have been beautiful and such a blessing.

I see you were at another wedding too- saw you on the TV broadcast of Jill Duggar’s wedding, what a lovely event.
Reminded me of my aunt’s weddings and the time I was one of those little flower girls… ?? LOVE the cake and colors! In the heat of the afternoon, Jesse strolled across the lawn when he noticed a little creature in the grass.
We are the Maxwells: Steve, Teri, Nathan and his wife Melanie, Christopher, Sarah, Joseph, John, Anna, Jesse, and Mary. Joseph Maxwell were introduced, and then they shared some words with the group, along with thanking both sets of parents for all they did raising them.
In fact, it is really funny for us to think of standing there all the time during the ceremony (even as bride and groom)! And in the evening there is a great dinner, games, songs being performed, photos being shown and so on (of course non christian weddings also have dancing, drinking…).
After getting permission from Dad, Joseph went outside to pick him up so that he could be put into a little box.

John called several places and the best advice they told John was to keep him until he could climb a tree and fend for himself.
While trying to get the squirrel in the box he (meaning the squirrel) decided to go for a little run.
Thankfully, he didn’t have enough traction to run fast and we were able to catch him. We decided to give him some Pedialyte in a syringe to see if he could recover from sitting outside all afternoon in the heat.
We thought that maybe his mom would come and carry him back to the nest [which was up in the tree].

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