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One of the blessings of the internet is being able to connect with other believers all over the world.
Not long ago, I received an email from a young lady who lives really far away from me, but is asking a lot of the same questions that I struggled through. But I also think that if you were teaching at a school overseas, that would be a great option for a single missionary woman!
When I was dating my husband, I had to work through my desire to go on the mission field and my desire to be married.
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If we could have coffee together, I would want to hear your testimony and I would want you to hear mine.
If we could have coffee together, I would want to share with you how Christ is working in my life. I would tell you about my struggles with contentment and how the Lord has stretched me in that area.
But I challenge you this week (even though it’s the hectic Christmas season) to invite someone out to coffee. Moms are the ones who spend the most time with the children. They are there for every meal, every play date, every middle of the night comforting. There is something particularly heart-wrenching about being 39 weeks pregnant and stumbling across the Buzzfeed post entitled The Hashtag #shoutyourabortion. So you can imagine my heartache when I looked at Facebook right before bed and saw the article. An article celebrating throwing away the life inside you, the little life that I had so desperately prayed for. In a culture that is attempting to revolutionize and normalize a sin issue, it is important that we remember 3 things that the hashtag #shoutyourabortion will not change.
I do not know where along the line we got the idea that killing babies will liberate women.
True liberation does not come through killing your child, it comes through knowing Christ. Scripture tells us that we are all slaves to our sin and destined to spend eternity in hell.
I was particularly heartbroken when I read the tweet from the blog post, “My life is more valuable than a potential life.

What Satan does not want us to remember is that at the end of the story God has victory over sin and death. This chapter goes on to say that the cowardly, unbelieving, abominable, murderers and immoral persons will be thrown into the Lake of Fire.
Abortion is about ending a life, but Christianity is about giving up your life for the good of another, as Christ has done for us. If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen our announcement that my husband and I are going to Albania this summer on a missions trip! Recently, I have come in contact with a lot of young women who have been asking the questions.
There are the same elements of safety and provision that come with being part of an establishment like that.
If you have more questions about choosing a spouse, you might want to read The Best Dating Advice I Ever Received. There is nothing that bonds Christians together more than hearing how Christ drew them to Himself.
Maybe ask a friend who you haven’t caught up with in a while or take a leap and invite someone from your church who you want to get to know. I am the one who is home when someone knocks on my door and wants to tell me about their religion.
We have dreamed, planned, and longed for the day where we would sit in our nursery brimming with the excitement that he could come at any moment. But Christ gave up His own life so that we could be freed from the power of sin and death and spend eternity with Him. Whether or not they were planned, each life is a gift from the Lord specifically created in His image.
We will post prayer requests and a link where you can support the team financially, if you are interested.
So I wanted to share with you a portion of our correspondence (with her permission), in hopes that it might help those of you who are thinking through the same things. She wisely suggested that if I was contemplating serving as a single missionary that I join a family on the mission field. Indulge in a Starbucks red cup and share the bits and pieces of your heart with one another.

My little one is only seven months old, but I have been thinking a lot about this as he grows and begins to understand more.
Quite the opposite, in fact, we celebrate women as being equal and valuable in the sight of God. That means that from the moment of conception each life is equal and precious in the sight of God. Man or woman, twenty years old or twenty days old past conception, all life is valuable to the Lord. And once that baby is born, you have to continue to choose the good of the child over the good of yourself.
In her experience, there are certain complications that come along with being a single missionary woman (such as safety, propriety, and just even teaching the Gospel to the church).
This time of singleness is a gift from the Lord as much as it is a gift from the Lord to be married and to have children. Among the things that I learned during that time, I learned that my heart for missions could be used in other ways than just going overseas. Every trying circumstance here on earth seems trivial when you think about the fact that our Lord is returning to judge the earth. We need to make it our mission to share the good news of the Gospel with everyone we come in contact with.
Having children gives me a natural connection with others and I am learning to be more bold about my faith. It is not easy, but we make that choice because our lives are not more valuable than our children’s lives.
Even if we have already had a #shoutyourabortion moment we can be redeemed and reconciled to God.
It is beneficial to serve with a family so that you can be under the protection and provision of a male leader under appropriate circumstances.
I interned at an organization that had orphanages in Thailand and I saw how I could have a global impact in my own backyard.
We want them to know that having a baby will not ruin their life or make them less successful.
I have also seen how the Lord has used my love for missions to help my husband have a more global vision.

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