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During his reign, in 79, occurred the eruption of Vesuvius which destroyed Herculaneum and Pompeii. The Flavian amphitheater (later called the Colosseum) was completed and dedicated in his reign, with combats of gladiators, shows of wild beasts, and representations of some of the great Greek naval battles. The emperor visited the scenes and contributed liberally to the relief of the distressed inhabitants.
He was handsome and commanding, and had a vigorous frame, well trained in all the exercises of a soldier. He gave the city splendid baths, which surpassed those of Agrippa and of Nero, and supplied the mob with every kind of luxury. During his absence a fire raged for three days at Rome, in which the new temple of Jupiter Capitolinus, the library of Augustus, and other public buildings were burned; then followed a pestilence, and Titus again assisted freely with his purse. We are sensitive to the fact that women from various regions and cultures have unique histories and backgrounds, and their needs are sometimes very different than the needs of other women. We noticed the lack of resources available to minister to the uniqueness of many modern day women and their lack of participation in the popular women’s ministries is evident. Soon he had the command of a legion, and joined his father in Syria, where he took an active part in the Jewish War.
The only fighting was in Britain under Agricola, who in the year 80 carried the Roman arms as far as the Tay.

In 68 he was sent by his father to congratulate the newly proclaimed emperor, Galba; but, hearing of Galba's death and of the general confusion in the Roman world, he returned to Palestine, having in the meantime consulted the oracle of the Paphian Venus and received a favorable answer. In the following year Vespasian, having been proclaimed emperor, returned to Italy, and left Titus to carry on the siege of Jerusalem, which was captured on the 8th of September 70. The verdict of history is favorable to him, but the general feeling throughout the Roman world was that he had been fortunate in the briefness of his reign. On his return to Rome, Titus and his father celebrated a magnificent triumph, which has been immortalized by the so-called Arch of Titus. He was now formally associated with his father in the government, with the title of Caesar, and during the nine remaining years of Vespasian's reign he was in fact emperor.
Even though we are not a church, we are a viable non-denominational ministry and your donations to us are tax deductible.
His connection with Berenice, the sister of the Agrippa of the Acts of the Apostles, also created a scandal; both brother and sister followed Titus to Rome, and were allowed to reside in the imperial palace. Public opinion was outraged, and Titus, though he had promised Berenice marriage, felt obliged to send her back to the East. Our financial records are completed by financial experts and are audited regularly.We also accept sponsorship from like-minded individuals, businesses and organizations, and we will exhibit them and their businesses prominently on our website and at our conferences.
We invite you to pray for us and financially support us, helping us achieve our mission for our God.Ministry ConferencesOur conferences will feature godly women teaching and exhorting other women to become all they can be for the cause of Christ.

The forebodings of the people were agreeably disappointed, for Titus put an end to prosecutions for high treason, and the delatores (informers) were scourged and expelled from the city. He assumed the office of pontifex maximus, in order that he might keep his hands free from blood. Many women, including many of our presenters, have made the transition from the outside workforce with profitable home-based business. Our business workshops will teach women how to start and manage successful home-based businesses. On the night before the main events we will have a time of, meet, greet and prayer to usher in the Holy Spirit for the meeting to follow. We encourage all participants to arrive a day early, relax and join us in prayer the evening before the main event.Ministry Networking PartiesStatistics tell us that 78% of Christian earnings go to support worldly businesses, goods and services. Our networking parties give Christian women the opportunity to fellowship with Christian businesses to learn from and purchase from others that give into the kingdom of God.

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