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November 15, 2015 by PastorRich Leave a Comment Having told Titus what he was to teach (“speak”) to various groups in the congregation in Crete, Paul now moves into what God’s salvation means, not for some, but for all Christians. If God’s grace is for “all people,” is there anything in the text that excludes any particular segment of humanity from that “grace” coming to them (for example, age or mental abilities)?
Pastor’s translation: “…teaching us, so we are renouncing the impiety and the worldly desires.
Paul draws on the Greek-language Old Testament and Greek philosophical concepts to present living the Christian faith in a way that Greeks would understand more easily. If a Christian is renouncing the ways of the world, what then shapes how he lives wisely, righteously, and religiously?
Although Christians are renouncing [present-tense participle] the ways of the world, when are we to be living “wisely, righteously, and religiously”? Right now, we are living “wisely, righteously, and religiously,” shaped not by the world but Jesus, “the saving grace of God.” But we also live in anticipation.

The punctuation of the ESV has “great God” and “Savior Jesus Christ” as referring to two different persons. New-Testament Usage: If this verse refers to God the Father and Jesus appearing on the Last Day, then this would be the only instance of “appearing” referring to two different entities. The hope of the Christian elsewhere in Paul’s epistles is centered on Christ and His return. Greek culture: Also borrowing language from the current-day Greek culture, “God and Savior” are found together as a title designating one person in the Greek usage. Paul taps into the idea of God’s glory as “light.” When did the grace of the saving God most clearly shine for us?
If Jesus is teaching us to renounce the ways of the world and live wisely, righteously, and religiously (that is, according to the Christin faith), how does Jesus do teach us?
If Titus is to teach “with all authority,” how can he do so (in other words, who or what is the source of his authority)?

This is the word “justify; declare and make righteous” as an adverb, modifying the verb “live”. Remember this is one sentence in the Greek, with only one person here in view, Jesus Christ. But Paul first begins with specific Christian virtues, having that shape how one understand the other virtues. But to be extra clear, which wasn’t required, Paul used one definite article (the) for both nouns: “The great God and Savior.” This means that “great God and Savior” is the same person, Jesus Christ!

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