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That’s not a show special, and everything they sell, from spare parts to complete bikes, has free shipping. My riding buddy’s Titus Motolite suffered catastrophic frame failure where the shock mounts to the top tube. Have had the Carbon RockStar 29er since Feb and have put over 1,000 XC miles on it without much problem. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Easy on the eyes and easy on the lungs too, the El Guapo is a lightweight all around performer.
Titus is a high-end manufacturer based in Tempe Arizona without a large presence in Canada. Having had it out for couple of quick laps on the trail I can affirm that my riding pals are not alone. You can tell a lot about how a bike company thinks of itself by how the bike arrives on your doorstep. That attention to detail made building the bike up a breeze and the first impression of it assembled was powerful. Several features including the pivot placements, effective use of the platform valving on Fox’s RP23 rear shock and a very sturdy design where the chainstay pivots attaches (behind the bottom bracket shell) all add up to create a bike that really snaps forward when you apply power, whether pointed uphill or on the flats. One of the lesser known facts about the El Guapo is that it was designed to work with either a rear air shock or a coil-over setup.
I will need to make a few quick changes right away to get the bike ready for trails around here. Sorry but with the 100 other choices out there, Titus never makes it into my top 5 when looking for my next bike. Nice looking frames, fun riding, but bad quality(on carbon at least) and sh*tty customerservice. When you get a taste, after lusting from afar, reality can be disappointing to say the least.

The company got its start in 1991 creating titanium frames and custom sizing bikes to riders. Posting pictures of it after it arrived, I think this bike generated more good-natured hate mail from my riding friends than any other ride I have ever had.
This bike is a little like an exotic car; when people see it they just have to come over and talk to you about it. In the early going the XT brakes seem very, very good: lots of power, good modulation and near-silent on the trail. The area is also very easy to clean after a muddy ride, a big plus for a suspension bike being ridden in these parts.
The engineers at Titus are highly familiar with setup as they have used it from the very beginning. Most folks are familiar with the 4-bar design’s good manners when the trail turns downwards.
Viewed from the back or the top the rear linkage looks almost bulky, but from the side you can see how the bike retains its overall low weight.
The combination of large diameter parts from the headtube all the way to the hub makes this featherweight steed steer as well as its much heavier DH cousins.
However, on rare occasions (the truly dangerous ones) it turns out to be exactly what you hoped it might be and more.
Even with a modest XT build kit the bike weighs in just a hair over 31.4 pound with pedals. Instead of expending a lot of resources moving between various suspension platforms Titus has chosen to refine the Horst link setup over the years.
Simply open up the platform valve on the shock and things get buttery, no brake-jack, no fuss. The second bolt hole in the forward frame mount is the setting for use with the coil-over shock. The bike is hand crafted and build quality is superb (if you like beautiful welds, you can spend hours ogling this frame).

It had just enough of everything to make sure the bike arrived as perfectly as it left their shop.
The Guapo looks set to be a good all-around performer but a summer in the saddle will tell the whole tale. It became clear early on that this Titus is one of those rare occasions, and that I am headed down the road to ruin at breakneck speed. It was a small success for the company and it was subsequently updated and branded the Super Moto in 2003. It was cleanly built and everything down to the length of the cable housings was just right. Having the El Guapo pedal as well as it descends was a primary goal, and if my short time on the bike is a good indication, they definitely hit their target. As the weather gets warmer and the shuttle trails shed their blanket of snow, I will swap setups and see how the springs and the air compare. Overall though, there is very little to do and the bike will be all set for a full season of abuse. After two years of field testing and rider feedback the 2009 Guapo received a significant redesign. Last but not least, every once in a while you just have to stop, look down and then pinch yourself to make sure it is real. It features curved tube profiles achieve through a forming process called ATF (Advanced Thermal Forming). I told the crew at Titus I thought their new all-mountain flagship was ready for a shot at the Shore and they agreed.

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