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The 10th Annual Whiskey Off-Road captures the essence of what mountain biking is all about. This is my first carbon frames MTB, it came in a 25.66 lbs minus the front derailleur, I ordered the wrong direct mount, should be just below 26 lbs with the front mech installed. My first thoughts were how much more laterally stiff it was while climbing, it just wants to thrust forward, much stiffer then the aluminum version.

Carbon has a weird property, it soaks up all the vibration yet allows you to feel the trail. With the 10mm thru axle conversion on the American Classic wheels, I had no issues with the tire rubbing the chainstay, back end felt much stiffer then the AL version with CB wheels.
I wouldnt change a thing on my component choices, the Hope brakes are the real deal, super quiet and strong.

I was very impressed with the MIchelin RaceR tires, rolled well yet traction was not an issue.

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