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AvailableAvailable items ship between 2 days to 15 days.CBO in Central CA, has hundreds of direct fulfillment partners with the fastest possible restock delivery times in the US.For 30 years, we have been the best at sourcing in the US, so we will find and supply many items the competition just can't deliver! The Titus Ti Fireline Evo29 is a progressive trail hardtail designed for tough fun trail riding, optimised around an 120mm travel suspension fork (526mm a-c, 15mm lower external headset cup). A strong and good-looking set of lightweight glasses supplied with the unique Tomcat photo chromic lenses.
For zero stack head tube and a tapered steerer fork, or a straight steerer fork with a crown race available separately. Designed by ex-international pro-tour rider Jamie Burrow with input from the Planet X R&D squad, the 365X road shoe delivers unbeatable comfort, performance and value for money with every pedal stroke. For park use, the bead-to-bead tread of the Tattoo assures grip and protection at any angle, over any obstacle. Compre un cuadro Titus Fireline Evo, no solo esta muy bien sino tambin a un precio sin competencia en titanio. My command does not correspond to the description at the time of the purchase and there are neither stickers nor headset badge.

Titanium alloys offer the greatest combination of physical, mechanical and chemical properties to yield a frame with the best combination of durability, ride quality, stiffness and weight. The density of titanium is nearly twice that of aluminum (though aluminum is the weaker of the two metals), but only 56% the density of steel.
Time may vary by item, and we will notify you if items are not shipped within this timeframe. Fitted with ISCG tabs, 160mm post brake mount, replaceable rear mech hanger, the Ti Fireline Evo29 is a competent and contemporary model, designed to give a great ride for many years.
A good fit will also depend on the correct choice of stem length, correct bike set-up for the rider and riding style. I was very surprised that the handling was as good as it was, given the big wheels on a small frame.
This property has lead to titanium’s use as storage containers for caustic materials in the chemical industry.
Have swapped builds between what is now known as a 'gravel bike' and a rigid offroader, both fun lively rides as a do-it-all two-wheeler.

And it’s patented FSR rear suspension allows for constant acceleration and nimble handling while smoothing out the most challenging terrain. It therefore follows that the stiffness-to-weight ratio of the two metals is nearly the same. This means that all the salty roads, messy mud and stream crossing you ride over or through will not rust your bicycle, ever.
The Titus carbon seatstay, hydro-formed chainstay and carbon rockers combine to deliver one of the lightest yet stiffest rear ends in full-suspension today. These thoroughbreds are designed around cutting edge suspension technology which delivers optimal performance for maximum speed and spot-on handling at the lightest weight possible.

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