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If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, please don’t hesitate to contact our office or request an appointment.
With all of that background aside, the TMJ is blamed for an immense number of human ailments. Some of these symptoms could simply be related to focusing of attention on the painful ear. There is an amazing repertoire of treatments for TMJ -- dental appliances, orthodontic work, physical therapy, surgery, botox injections.
So far, we have not encountered any patients who indicate that orthodontic work has helped their TMJ. We have encountered many patients who indicate that TMJ surgery failed (this is rarely done these days). Hi,I have been a little hesitant to ask this, but I am getting desperate for answers to my problem. Does your family have a history of similar problems?You say it happens daily.  After any particular events?
Cox (2008) recently investigated ear related symptoms in persons with TMD (temporomandibular dysfunction - -same as TMJ). If one's ear is hurting, it seems reasonable to also start to pay more attention to symptoms that might be due to the ear - -such as ringing, dizziness, or pressure.

Rather, we think that these associations are probably psychological in origin, and related to a redirection of attention.
It would seem to us that as TMJ is constant, and PT is very intermittent, that it would be ineffective. In my senior year of high school I started to develop a distortion of sound in my right ear and only my right ear.
I am still obligated to cover my deductible  of 2500 before they will cover any procedures.
An alimentary canal with a big appetite at one end and no sense of responsibility at the other. I have also been contacted by a group of dentists who were upset that I questioned the association between TMJ and a myriad of other symptoms. Average cost of a cranial MRI down here can run from 2000-2800( the scan requires contrast so i would also need to be injected with gadolinium). I realize that this might not be possible because of the insurance company's lame policies but they MIGHT be willing to work with you to save negative press. For the moment my progress to a diagnosis will be halted until I can come up with that kind of money.
The doctor has two concerns; that i may have acoustic neuroma or a malformation in the inner ears bone structure.

His main directive is to look for any abnormalities in my head that would cause the symptoms I have been experiencing. The problem has been getting progressively worse since I began noticing sound distortion in only one ear.
I am suppose to go for an MRI next month to see if I have acoustic neuroma ( benign tumor on the acoustic nerve).
Hearing is perfect aside from the distortion that happens periodically.This sounds like the approach that I would take. What it means is that he could find no structural abnormality that usually shows up on an MRI (like an acoustic neuroma). I am assuming that there no other structural problem in the middle ear on the tympanic membrane.

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