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Features:SAVE A BEARD OR RELATIONSHIP - Never again hear your wife, girlfriend or significant other complain about how rough and itchy your beard is. Mehta's rule of 10 method for ear wax removal10 drops per ear, plug ears for 10 minutes, rinse each ear for 10 secondsSpecially designed cup to allow the drainage fluid to be capture and reduce spilling over clothing or body Description:Clearcanal Dr. Mehta's ear wax removal complete kit is safe and natural, no pressure or pain with specially designed tip. You know your beard is awesome, get her on the same page.THE BENEFITS- Turn a rough, dry and ragged beard into a soft and manageable work of art. The complete kit comes with a bottle of carbamide peroxide to soften the wax before rinsing, ear plugs to allow the medication to stay in the ear canal before rinsing and a specially designed cup to allow the drainage fluid to be capture and reduce spilling over clothing or body.

With the help of the highest quality nutrients and vitamins this formula will ensure no itchy facial hair growth, no beardruff and healthier skin to top it off. Don't risk a scent you may not like right under your nose!THE PERFECT GIFT OR STOCKING STUFFER- With SoliiduS Beard Oil we didn't cut any corners when it comes to presentation, leaving a sharp affordable gift box that any friend, family or loved one would be lucky to receive this holiday season.NOT YOUR LUMBERJACK OR HIPSTERS BEARD OIL- You heard that right. This product is designed to safely, quickly, and gently clean and irrigate the ear canal while removing the possibility of harming the ear.
It is highly likely that your ear wax is dry and encrusted, so making it difficult to clear. You deserve a superior product, we are just here to deliver it.HANDMADE 100% NATURAL FORMULA- SoliiduS Beard Oil consists of coconut oil, argan oil, jojoba oil, vitamin E and rosemary leaf extract.

Otex, or good old fashioned olive oil is used for several days beforehand to loosen and soften ear wax. After just a few days of usage, have your spouse, friend and random stranger run their fingers through your beard.
Plus it conditions, tames and diminishes that "itchiness" that some of us get when a fresh beard grows in.

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