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The Darling Detail, LLC is an Austin-based fashion and inspiration blog designed to emphasize on-trend, classic, and everyday details with a specific focus on fast fashion, professional photography and relatable writing. So to enter to win this gorgeous Tory Burch gem… scroll down and voila, it only takes a minute! Created by the Asprey craftsmen, the Daisy Heritage Bracelet has been individually set with marquise cut aquamarine petals and a pave diamond centre, set in 18ct white gold. Victoria by Erica Courtney The lovely and lavish Victoria charm is comprised of a truly exceptional pear shaped aquamarine, draped in a ravishing platinum and diamond floral design.
IMPORTANT RUBY, TURQUOISE AND DIAMOND NECKLACE Composed of four graduated strands of ruby beads, the floral clasp set with cabochon rubies, polished turquoise and circular-cut diamonds, length of shortest row approximately 650mm. The Maggie Dress is crafted from comfortable jersey in a trapeze silhouette that falls into a flattering hi-lo hem. DIAMOND BRACELET, 1930S Designed as a wide, articulated band of open work plaques set with circular- and single-cut diamonds, length approximately 195mm, French assay mark, two small diamonds deficient. RUBY AND DIAMOND BROOCH, CIRCA 1950 The shield-shaped plaque pierced and millegrain set with cabochon rubies, baguette, demi lune, single- and circular-cut diamonds. A PAIR OF DIAMOND, RUBY AND EMERALD EAR PENDANTS: Each suspending a bezel-set drop-shaped ruby, from a collet-set rose-cut diamond link, to a drop-shaped plaque centering upon a pear-drop. By incorporating a chic, feminine and darling-esque style with inspiring details that are affordable, attainable and on-trend (with a pop of luxury in between), I hope to inspire and help other gals attain their own creative form of self-expression and everyday dress. Through my personal stories and curations, I want to connect you to your own sense of style and creativity.

It has always been a vital aspect of my life to choose my message wisely, and I hope to communicate that message to others, and share its importance.
First, I’m so excited, honored and pleased to team up with the fabulous Tidbits team to bring you this darlin’ giveaway. Designed as a sword, the pommel and grip accented with circular-cut rubies, a cabochon tourmaline, highlighted with single- and circular-cut diamonds, the cross-guard centring on a pearl measuring approximately 9. Designed as an articulated ribbon bow, pierced and millegrain-set with calibre-cut rubies, circular- and single-cut diamonds, ribbon lengths detachable.
I also spent my days working at the flagship store of the Kendra Scott HQ in Austin, TX and watched and experienced it grow immensely (experiencing this thriving retail fashion business for over 3 years initially opened my eyes to the fashion scene here in Austin, TX).
I do believe that success can depend on how you present yourself to the world, so I hope to inspire my readers to attain this well-dressed respect. Tidbits, the ultimate inside scoop for the gal about town, is my favorite go-to source for finding out what’s new and chic in Austin. Instead of spending my college nights out on the town (I was a Kappa Alpha Theta!), I spent my free time either searching endlessly through Pinterest and Tumblr for visual inspiration or working at Kendra Scott.
Clothing is not just an item of materialism; it’s a sense of feeling, a sense of expression, and a sense of confidence.
I’ve teamed up with Austin Tidbits and United Apparel Liquidators to give away this gorgeous Tory Burch Marion Hobo bag.
I was thirsty for creative inspiration, and craved all things stylish, on-trend and darling. In February 2013 at the age of 20, I decided to take the leap and started The Darling Detail blog—this creative outlet that I’m head-over-heels in love with.

And I’ll be honest with you, I’m kind of jealous of whoever the lucky winner may be… this bag is quite the gem! Then there is South Congress’s United Apparel Liquidators boutique, which is Austin’s newest retail destination where one can find brand-new, high-end designer treasures for discounted prices—and they so graciously provided this beautiful bag (which retails for $495, while UAL priced it at a beautiful $379). I also began working for lifestyle blogger, Camille Styles — and quickly found myself in the industry I’m most passionate about: the blogosphere.
I’m also quite fixated with anything visually appealing, which also contributes to my obsession with fashion photography. I’ve paired it with my favorite TOPSHOP eyelet lace crop and (boyfriend-style) white structured pants for a classic and chic everyday look.
I have transformed this little passion—The Darling Detail—into a full-time business, and this little blog into a strategic career—and am beyond honored to be pursuing my dreams at the age of 23.
All photography is done my brother, Jordan Afshin (an extremely talented freelance photographer and videographer), turning The Darling Detail into a fun and darling family affair.
And of course, I threw on my favorite Tory Burch Miller sandals that accent the pops of sweet colors perfectly.

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