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Forty to fifty million Americans suffer from allergies to pollen, pets, sagebrush, foods, plants, drugs, etc.
Allergies are noted as an over-reaction or hypersensitivity of the immune system to certain substances.
Studies demonstrated that prolonged exposure to stressful events can adversely affect the central nervous, circulatory and endocrine systems. One approach to dealing with allergy problems is to avoid or restrict contact with any allergenic substance.
The newest and most effective allergy treatments combine laser and biofeedback technology to help rid the body of allergens without drugs, vitamins or needles.
The NRG Immune Enhancement System uses state-of –the-art technology to first identify the substances that are causing the greatest amount of stress on the body.
This stimulation causes a release of hormones, which creates a new positive association with these allergenic substances.
The body and nervous system become desensitized to the previously stressful substances and reduce or eliminate the allergic response. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that over 20 percent of the world population experience allergic conditions, with symptoms of a running nose, burning and watery eyes, congestion and asthma. When the nervous system is chronically stressed, the neuro-endocrine system can become fatigued and function abnormally. Other treatments include medical injections, prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. After 30 years of research in the allergy related fields, computerized electro-dermal screening, and biofeedback medical devices, the NRG Immune Enhancement System has introduced a Digital Conductance Meter. The Digital Conductance Meter (DCM) can measure and record the body’s sensitivity to over 100,000 substances. Previously, therapies using similar technology would require 24 sessions or more to be effective. In the case of a hypersensitivity reaction, an abnormal and vigorous immune response takes place in order to fight off the allergen, as if it were a bacteria, virus or foreign object.
The brain will secrete hormones that trigger a variety of body reactions such as swelling, congestion, coughing, and a change in heart rate and digestion. While temporary relief may derive from these medications, they can have adverse effects on the body as well. This Neurological Response Generator System (NRG), which is both a patented and FDA cleared biofeedback device, uses neurological stress reduction therapy to alter the body’s perception and response to both external and internal stressors.

Once the body is assessed, desensitization and correction is accomplished through the NRG Corrective Laser. The newer technology of the NRG Immune Enhancement System allows for faster, easier, painless, highly accurate, non-invasive, and safe assessment and desensitization in eight to twelve visits. In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! Some people find relief through other alternative treatments such as chiropractic care, homeopathic remedies and acupuncture. This cold laser therapy is a stimulation that is substance-specific, and causes a biological reaction that the brain and nervous system considers to be a positive stimulus.
Some people develop an allergic reaction to something they have worked with or have been around for years.
Most doctors now recognise this, and encourage their patients to learn about their illness, its diagnosis and allergy treatment, and to be partners in their own medical care.Quite apart from this, there are aspects of allergy management where few doctors can afford the time to become experts.
The nitty-gritty details of dust-mite avoidance or food labelling practices are good examples. You can usefully supplement your doctor’s treatment here, by informing yourself.But where should this process stop? One modern phenomenon, being discussed in many medical journals at present, is the abundance of medical information on the Internet. Some doctors dread the arrival of patients who have logged on the night before their appointment and are armed with a huge number of facts about their illness -some accurate, some utterly wrong and some highly debatable.
Neither scientists nor doctors start their careers by running experiments to establish the truth of everything they were ever taught. At some point in science, and in scientific medicine, you have to assume that certain things are probably true, and proceed accordingly. If you make significant progress working on those assumptions, then the chances are they were correct. But a good scientist always remembers that they are only assumptions.Scientific medicine rests on a huge number of assumptions. Some of these are clearly accurate – for example, that eating wheat triggers coeliac disease -and it would be time-wasting to argue about them.
Some medical assumptions become enshrined as facts rather too quickly.Fifty years ago, orthodox medicine accepted as a ‘fact’ that many asthmatic children had ‘intrinsic asthma’, which was psychological in origin.
Research since then has shown that there is almost always an allergy underlying childhood asthma.

Many other examples could be given  of medical ‘facts’ that are overturned by subsequent research.Doctors thirst for certainty, something that is quite understandable when they are faced with so much human need. A significant part of the healing power of medicine comes from placebo effect, and that relies on patients having faith in the doctor. The traditional way for doctors to cultivate that faith was by assuming an air of absolute certainty – about their diagnosis of the patient’s illness, about the treatment, and about medicine in general. This need for certainty has always hastened the transformation of assumptions into facts.The fatherly authoritarian attitude of old-fashioned doctors was, in large part, a reflection of how little they had in the way of useful allergy treatment, and how much they relied on placebo effect. Modern doctors have far more genuinely effective remedies to offer and can afford to take a different approach. Many now rely on a different kind of authority, one based on intelligence, good information, flexibility, curiosity and openness. It’s a form of authority that allows a doctor to say ‘I could be wrong…’ or, ‘Let’s try this and see what happens…’ without losing face.Unfortunately, there is another powerful force at work in this complex situation, and that is quackery -the age-old business of selling phoney cures.
Official bodies within the medical community try to curb quackery by weighing the evidence about novel allergy treatments and coming to decisions on their validity. But in deciding what is, and what is not, good scientific medicine, medical organizations always run the risk of mistaking their own unverified assumptions for facts. Establishing criteria for good allergy treatment is essential in medicine, but when this develops into dogmatism, that is decidedly unhealthy. Among the allergy treatments that are being dismissed as valueless today, there are several that deserve a fairer hearing.Some of these allergy treatments have been shown to work by the most excellent of scientific methods. The use of elimination diets in Crohn’s disease is a good example – for some patients, there is a huge and sustained improvement, suggesting that their disease was caused, at least in part, by food sensitivity.
When scientific review papers (summaries of all the current knowledge and latest research) are written about Crohn’s disease, the research on diet is usually not mentioned. This happened with an impeccable scientific study showing the benefits of an elimination diet for some patients with rheumatoid arthritis.
By missing out certain key facts, a review author managed to give the impression that the results of this study supported the conventional view on the subject (that diet makes no difference to rheumatoid arthritis), whereas they actually disputed the conventional view.

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