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The idea of tailor-made notched music training has been researched in a variety of paradigms, which has mostly been carried out in Germany and Italy. Many of these studies utilize Magnetoencephalography (MEG) to depict the neurological alterations caused by manipulation. Neuronal activity is defined through an electrical current which generates an electromagnetic field.
This technique provides not only high temporal but also very precise spatial resolution of brain activity permitting localizations with millimeter precision, thereby making it advantageous over fMRI and EEG. This MEG study provides evidence that there is a link between tinnitus and plastic changes in the auditory cortex. This study shows that in the non-primary auditory cortex the effect of lateral inhibition proves to be stronger than the habituation effect. The windowed sound therapy: a new empirical approach for an effectiv personalized treatment of tinnitus. Participants were assigned to one of three groups which received different sound stimuli over the course of one year. After listening to tailor-made notched music for 12 months the subjects experienced diminished tinnitus loudness which correlated with reduced activity in those areas of the brain that are responsible for the tinnitus frequency. Since the decrease of tinnitus loudness and cortical activity was even more pronounced after 12 months than after six months the authors suspect a cumulative effect over time.
A short and intense training with tailor-made notched music for five days led to a significant reduction of the tinnitus loudness in patients with a tinnitus frequency below or equal to 8 kHz.
In the group of subjects with a tinnitus frequency higher than 8 kHz no significant changes could be found. Following a 12-months training program with tailor-made notched music, subjects showed significantly reduced behavioral and physiological measures compared to two control groups listening to either placebo modified music or non-modified music. Playing and listening to tailor-made notched music: Cortical plasticity induced by unimodal and multimodal training in tinnitus patients.
This study compared the cortical changes after active listening to or active playing of tailor-made notched music over a period of two months for one hour each day. A new patient study on Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation, conducted by our Chief Audiologist Mark Williams and colleagues from the UK and Germany, has been published in the international peer reviewed journal, Frontiers in Neurology.
The study focused on 66 patients, aged between 31 and 76 years, who were receiving Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation therapy for the treatment of tinnitus. Studies in Germany and in-clinic experience at The Tinnitus Clinic in the UK have also revealed further and sustainable improvements in tinnitus annoyance and loudness after 26 weeks. If you are interested in finding out more about this innovative treatment for tinnitus, see the Acoustic CR® Neuromodulation section of our website, or call the Clinic on 0203 597 4988. The Tinnitus Clinic is the leading provider of the latest evidence-based tinnitus treatments in the UK. Features: Electric Tinnitus Treatment Instrument Ear Hearing Repair Device In view of the issue, Repair Ear Hearing, Remove Tinnitus, Say goodbye to Insomnia!
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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy has been widely used in treating the symptoms of depression.A  Recent studies, such as those done at the American Academy of Neurology 1and the University of Duisburg-Essen2 in Germany, are now showing the extensive potential TMS therapy has in the treatment of migraines. A recent study done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine,1 has proven the effectiveness of TMS therapy in treating acute episodes of migraines as well as the capability of repetitive TMS therapy as a preventative measure1. Some researchers speculate that there is a close connection between migraines and depression.

TMS therapy uses a figure-eight magnetic coil to non-invasively target the specific part of the brain responsible for this imbalance (what imbalance). The American Academy of Neurology speculates that about 10% of people worldwide suffer from migraines1. According to the American Academy of Neurology, there are 30 million people suffering from migraines in the U.S.
This assortment of studies gives an overview of the mechanisms behind the training and displays the research path leading to the development of training programs. MEG is a non-invasive functional neuroimaging technique which enables the mapping of brain activity millisecond-by-millisecond. Besides, the MEG machine is completely silent and allows some movement of the head facilitating measurements on children.
Tinnitus patients exhibit an expansion of the tonotopic map in the auditory cortex compared to a healthy control group. The training lasted for three hours on three consecutive days leading to a reduced response to stimuli of the respective frequency immediately after the training. This was not found in the primary auditory cortex where no significant difference between the mechanisms could be found. The first group listened to random noise filtered around their individual tinnitus frequency. Three days after completion of the training, however, the diminution was back to baseline level causing it to be insignificant again.
This might be due to the characteristically low level of energy of music in those high frequencies.
Participants of the experimental group reported diminished tinnitus loudness and lower levels of annoyance and impairment caused by tinnitus.
Advances in neuroimaging techniques, however, showed that overly excitatory neurons, changes of the tonotopic map and increased neuronal synchrony are responsible for the perception of the tinnitus sound. While the group playing music didn’t present any differences in cortical activity, the active listening group showed a diminished response to their tinnitus frequency, but not to a control stimulus. Mark also provided an academic poster presentation of this study, at the end of last year, for the British Academy of Audiology Conference in Bournemouth. The majority of patients taking part in this study had already undergone unsuccessful structured tinnitus therapy elsewhere. The degree of discomfort caused by tinnitus was evaluated using an internationally recognised (Visual Analogue Scale - VAS) method of determining the loudness of a patient's tinnitus and the level of annoyance that it causes. Another measure of the effect of tinnitus is the Tinnitus Handicap Questionnaire (THQ) which serves to assess the social, emotional and behavioral consequences of experiencing tinnitus and how this state may change over time. We offer a highly personalised service and a commitment to audiological best practices to significantly reduce your tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss. Once your order is shipped, you will be emailed the tracking information for your order’s shipment. Whata€™s more, studies are indicating the potential TMS therapy has in opening doors for safer and more A effective treatment of many other brain-related illnesses including tinnitus, auditory hallucinations, anxiety disorders, and schizophrenia.
The study based their theories of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulationsa€™ (rTMS) effectiveness in modifying brain activity, which could potentially prevent the onset of migraines and their symptoms1. FDA-cleared TMS therapy is already being used to successfully treat depression using NeuroStar TMS TherapyA®.
In the study done at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, TMS Therapy relieved migraine pain of patients two hours after treatment, and had lasting relief for two days1.

Women are three times more likely to get migraines then men, which is largely due to the hormonal imbalances associate with the female menstrual cycle1.
Lateral inhibition can thus be used to explain the influence of tailor-made notched music on the auditory system. The filter’s bandwidth demonstrated a significant influence on the reduction of the response to the filtered frequency. The second group obtained unfiltered random noise and the third one the sound of a waterfall. None of these changes were significant in the control group who was presented with music for which its filtered frequency would change along the spectrum. The most effective treatment for tinnitus is a multidisciplinary approach combining psychological and sound therapy. The quick effect, short course, 10 minutes at a time, in addition to tinnitus deafness healing cure insomnia easily.
3.Deposited in the relative humidity is not more than 80%, no corrosive gas, dry and ventilated place.
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In both migraines and depression, brain chemical and electrical activity is imbalanced, producing the undesirable symptoms. It was also shown that TMS therapy works best for moderate to severe migraines, whereas pain medication is best for milder cases. Hormone imbalances are also the cause for post-partum depression in women.A  Sufferers from recurring and worsening migraines benefit greatly from repetitive TMS therapy (rTMS), lessening the migrainesa€™ recurrences and severity.
Additionally, there are 157 million lost work days each year associated with pain and suffering from migraines1.
Besides, there was a marked correlation between the experienced strength of the tinnitus and the corresponding cortical reorganization.
Though the effect was no more evident the next day, the decrease became more pronounced following another training denoting a cumulative effect.
Only the first group indicated significant changes in the experienced tinnitus loudness compared to baseline.
These results are in line with the findings in the primary and secondary auditory cortex showing only significant alterations in the experimental group.
This can be seen as evidence that short-term plasticity in the adult auditory cortex is possible.
The broader the filtering, the bigger the reaction to the concerning frequency after the training. In addition, the reduction of the tinnitus loudness after listening to the tailor-made notched music revealed a linear relationship with the transformations in the primary auditory cortex. This chain of events shows the impact migraines have on peoplea€™s health, the workforce, and the economy. For more information on Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Therapy, We invite you to contact us.

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