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VR – Virtual Reality (Realidade Virtual), algo que somente era possivel nos filmes, ate hoje (2014). Vamos ao conceito: Realidade Virtual ou VR como e abreviado em ingles, e uma imersao no mundo virtual, como se voce estivesse dentro de um ambiente ou cenario virtual.
Porem, estagiarios do Google desenvolveram um aplicativo e uma caixa de papelao (isso mesmo, papelao) que funcionam em conjunto como um head-up display para VR, assim como o Oculus Rift, porem, bem mais barato (para quem ja tem um celular com Android).
Nos experimentamos essa tecnologia com dois simuladores para Android, que sao na verdade aplicativos desenvolvidos com a Unity Engine.
Google Cardboard, uma alternativa para quem quer experimentar em primeira mao o mundo da Realidade Virtual!
Existe um software chamado┬áTrinus Gyre, que faz o streaming do video do seu computador para o seu celular Android, atraves de Wi-Fi ou cabo USB. Veja abaixo algumas fotos e um video que eu fiz, testando o aplicativo Trinus gyre e o jogo Doom, rodando atraves do Zandronum. Entusiasta por jogos antigos, adoro passar o meu tempo jogando jogos classicos e apreciando cada detalhe do jogo, como os detalhes graficos, a musica muito bem feita, os puzzles e as fases desafiantes de uma epoca que muitos tiveram a oportunidade de aproveitar as primeiras geracoes de jogos eletronicos. It’s an ugly headset, and its rough cardboard edges burrow painful ditches into the bridge of my nose. Fortunately, Trinus Gyre has a direct USB connection mode, and it’s better in almost every way.
As happy as I was to have figured out the streaming app, getting into VR wasn’t quite as simple as dropping my phone into Google Cardboard. There are a lot of programs out there that will force games to render 3D, but I settled on Vireio Perception, mostly because it’s easy to use.
To Gyre’s credit, its desktop program has a help box that offers a brief description of every feature the mouse hovers over. Despite all the problems, hiccups, technical headaches and many, many returns to Google for help, I have no regrets building my Mockulous Rift (I’m running out of puns, help).
If you're going to spend an afternoon at the beach, you'll need to make sure you bring along all the snacking staples.

Em outras palavras, e como se colocassem voce dentro de um mundo virtual o mais proximo possivel. E dificil explicar algo que so pode ser visto com os proprios olhos, a sensacao e muito boa e divertida, nos recomendamos voce comprar ou ate mesmo fazer o seu proprio Cardboard para ter essa maravilhosa experiencia!
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. I don’t know anything about head-tracking, interpupillary distance or the kind of optic lenses you need to build a VR headset from scratch. Like all desktop streaming software, Gyre has two components, a server app (on the PC) and a client app (on the phone).
Turn on USB tethering (normally used for sharing internet connections from your smartphone), start the app on both devices and Gyre will automatically detect and use the cable instead. Gyre will pipe your PC to the headset, and even warp the image to match lens distortion, but it won’t convert the stream into a VR-friendly format.
Converting Fallout: New Vegas and The Stanley Parable to VR was as simple as turning on Perception, launching the game and, finally, turning on Trinus Gyre. The default head tracking mode is little more than a mouse emulator that matches cursor movements to the phone’s accelerometer input, but with a little sensitivity tweaking it ran like a dream.
To be honest, I gave up on those pretty quickly: a lot of Rift experiences are designed only to work with the Rift. It took me hours of tweaking, reading forums and adjusting settings to make my Faux-culous Thrift a reality. The Nerdwriter has a really interesting breakdown on intertextuality in movies, or the idea of how something seen in a movie is shaped by something previously seen in something else. A real-life version of Pong would actually be just a ping-pong table, since that's what the classic video game was based on. That includes soft drinks, hot dogs, burgers -- and thanks to this over-the-top cooler with a dedicated freezer section -- even microwave pizzas, ice cream and frozen turkeys? Connect both devices to the same wireless network, press the start button and, hopefully, you’re streaming.

To look right, VR content has to be displayed in stereoscopic 3D — two images placed side-by-side that render the same scene from a slightly different angle. It worked, but it was a tad tedious — adding another layer of hassle to my homegrown VR experience. Driver: San Francisco and Titanfall, for instance, both crashed every time I tried to launch them in side-by-side 3D. But a bunch of clever hackers in Uruguay have succeeded in making a real-life version of the video game that's still played using a pair of rectangular paddles and a square ball bouncing back and forth. Durante seu periodo como uma empresa independente, Oculus VR levantou US $ 2,4 milhoes para o desenvolvimento do Rift. Com o uso de lentes convexas, a caixa de papelao e o aplicativo divide a imagem em duas e transmitem ela diretamente para os seus olhos, mantendo somente o campo de visao da tela do celular, uma imersao completa que so pode ser explicada e experienciada ao vivo. The idea is simple: start a game, use Trinus Gyre to pipe it to your phone and drop that sucker in Google Cardboard for glorious, cheap virtual reality gaming. It provided me with hours of entertainment, a post for work and a ridiculous, tape-covered, belt holstered eyesore to show off to my friends.
O proprio desenvolvedor afirma que e necessario um computador com um hardware consideravelmente bom para fazer o streaming do aplicativo para o seu celular (que nao era o meu caso).
If you have an Android phone, some sort of smartphone VR headgear and some spare time, try it. But what's really interesting is how intertextuality is now used in a world of movies dominated by sequels, adaptations, remakes and shared universes.

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