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Dogs have two thyroid glands that are located along side of the windpipe in the region of the neck. A complete blood count, chemistry profile and urine testing are completed in the initial stages of the evaluation of the patient that has a suspected thyroid tumor. In preparation for surgery, your pet should be fasted starting at 10 PM the night before surgery, however water does not need to be with held.
It has been estimated that only 25 to 50% of patients that are presented with a thyroid tumor are candidates for surgery.
Radiation therapy is used to treat thyroid cancer that is invasive into underlying tissues.
Following removal of these thyroid tumors, chemotherapy is definitely indicated if the resected mass is larger than 100 cm3, as the spread rate approaches 100% in these cases.
The tumor (labeled) has been approached via an incision made along the underside of the neck, over the windpipe. Thyroid tumors have a tremendous blood supply, therefore the use of a specialized cautery machine called the ligasure makes surgical removal of these tumors relatively bloodless.
After the thyroid gland has been removed, it is measured in three dimensions using a calliper.

A graduated cylinder can be used to estimate the tumor volume, a predictor of patient suvival. After surgery, you can continue to give your pet a prescribed pain reliever to minimize discomfort. If your companion is recovering well following surgery and no complications develop, the healing process will be monitored by the surgeon with one follow-up exam scheduled two weeks after the surgery. When some pets return home after a stay in the hospital they may drink excessive amounts of water at one time and then vomit; if this appears to be the case, the water should be limited to frequent smaller amounts. Dogs will frequently lick the incision when the owner is not watching such as at night time; if the skin looks red or excoriated the most common cause is from licking.
A tee shirt can be used to cover an incision on the chest or front part of the abdomen; gather the waist of the shirt up over the dog's back and wrap an elastic band around this part of the shirt. A bandage or sock can be used to cover an incision on a limb; fasten the top of the sock to the dog's limb with tape. Sodium iodide I 131 treatment of dogs with nonresectable thyroid tumors: 39 cases (1990-2003). Prognostic factors and patterns of treatment failur in dogs with unresectable differentiated thyroid carcinomas treated with megavoltage irradiation.

In order to minimize bruising and swelling of the surgical site, apply a cold pack to the neck 20 minutes per session for four sessions daily during the first three days after surgery.
We report a novel tumor suppressor role for BNip3 in a clinically relevant mouse model of mammary tumorigenesis. This will include a combination of general anesthesia, injectable analgesics, and oral analgesics.
BNip3 delays primary mammary tumor growth and progression by preventing the accumulation of dysfunctional mitochondria and resultant excess ROS production. Glycolysis inhibition attenuates the growth of BNip3-null tumor cells, revealing an increased dependence on autophagy for survival. We also demonstrate that BNIP3 deletion can be used as a prognostic marker of tumor progression to metastasis in human triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC).

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