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Parkinson’s is basically a type of disorder of the brain which leads to tremors and difficulties in concentration, coordination, walking and movement.  The disease is mainly caused due to loss of brains cells which produce dopamine.
1) Primary Parkinson Disease: This type of Parkinson is caused in elderly people usually above 50 years of age. 2) Secondary Parkinson Disease: The type of Parkinson in which the cause can be easily identified or is known beforehand.
3) Parkinson’s Plus Syndrome: This type of Parkinson leads to symptoms common to Parkinson plus a couple of other signs and symptoms like atrophy, weakness in muscles, behavioral changes and frequent memory losses. The detection of the disorder at an early stage increases the chances of an early recovery for the patient. 4) Thee patient start to face problem in walking and also finds it difficult to maintain balance. 8) The patient might suffer from excessive sweating, drooling and may not be able to maintain a uniform  body temperature.
After knowing about the symptoms we must know what actually causes the disorder of the brain.
If one feels that he or she might be suffering from the disorder then one must not take chances by taking it lightly, one should immediately consult a doctor.
Parkinson’s can be prevented in the first place by the consumption of naturally occurring substances which include antioxidants like vitamin E, Vitamin C, ginkgo biloba etc.  The consumption of these antioxidants will keep the nerve cells damage under check.
The warning call for the disease should not be taken lightly as it may further lead to some dire consequences. Whenever visiting a doctor one should be clear in mind about what all questions he or she wants to ask the doctor. Parkinson’s disorder should not be taken lightly as it can occur to any one irrespective of gender and age. GeneticsThis type of oculocutaneous albinism is one of the more common types found among Japanese and maybe Chinese individuals although it has been reported in German and Turkish individuals.

Other types include OCA1 (203100, 606952 ), OCA2 (203200 ), OAC3 (203290), OAC5 (615179), and OCA6 (113750).. Inagaki K, Suzuki T, Shimizu H, Ishii N, Umezawa Y, Tada J, Kikuchi N, Takata M, Takamori K, Kishibe M, Tanaka M, Miyamura Y, Ito S, Tomita Y. Eine Blutgruppe ist die Beschreibung der individuellen Zusammensetzung der Proteine auf der Oberflache der roten Blutkorperchen von hoheren Tieren, speziell des Menschen. Type I hereditary angioedema is associated with reduced serum levels of complement c1 inhibitor protein. They are Primary Parkinson Disease, Parkinson plus syndrome and secondary Parkinson disease.
The cause of the disorder is known in this type of the disease.  Primary Parkinson caused in young adults is termed as Juvenile Parkinson. Some symptoms of the disorder are listed below which will help in early detection of the disorder.
Parkinson’s is caused in younger adults most commonly because the disease runs in the family i.e.
Home remedies combined with the doctor’s medication can help patients to conquer the disease more effectively and quickly.
Mutations in the MATP gene in five German patients affected by oculocutaneous albinism type 4.
Homozygosity mapping in albinism patients using a novel panel of 13 STR markers inside the nonsyndromic OCA genes: introducing 5 novel mutations.
People above 50 years of age are most prone to the disease.  It is one of the most prevalent nervous system disorders among the elderly people.
These symptoms may be mild in the beginning but if ignored can lead to some serious consequences. The doctor will take the help of your medical history; do a review of signs and symptoms of the disease.

The symptoms are controlled by intake of medicines which increase dopamine levels in the brain. Wird das Blut verschiedener Blutgruppen gemischt, kommt es zur Verklumpung der Zellen durch die Bindung an die Antikorper. The muscle movement in a human body is controlled by nerve cells which make use of a chemical in the brain called as dopamine so as to do so. The doctor may commence the diagnosis by giving the patient a medicine called carbidopalevodopa which is the most effective medicine for this disorder. Medicines like Memantine are used for cognitive difficulties; duloxetine and gabapentine are used to cure pain during the course of this disease.
Vor der Entdeckung der Blutgruppen waren daher Blutubertragungen nur zufallig erfolgreich und endeten oft todlich.
Parkinson disease is caused when these nerve cells which make use of brain chemical called dopamine to control muscle movement start getting destroyed slowly, slowly. If the patient feels significant difference after the consumption of the medicine then it indirectly proves that the person is suffering from the disorder. Blutgruppen sind erblich und sind daher ein Merkmal, um Verwandtschaftsverhaltnisse belegen zu konnen, z.B. This leads to shortage of dopamine which ultimately leads to non-functioning of that particular part of brain in sending messages.
It is mainly because of the fact that the nerves of children are not that sensitive to the brain chemical dopamine.

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