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By looking at the body using a functional medicine approach, we often discover the underlying cause of many symptoms. A team of scientists have taken a step forward in understanding the cause of dyslexia and for developing potential treatments by discovering a malfunction in a structure that transfers auditory information from the ear to the cortex in dyslexic adults. People who suffer from dyslexia have difficulties with identifying speech sounds in spoken language. Between five and ten percent of the world’s children suffer from dyslexia, yet very little is know about its causes. Under the direction of Katharina von Kriegstein, the researchers conducted two experiments in which several volunteers had to perform various speech comprehension tasks. The findings of the Leipzig scientists combine various theoretical approaches, which deal with the cause of dyslexia and, for the first time, bring together several of these theories to form an overall picture.
It’s perplexing to see how many initiatives are launched without performing a diligent root-cause analysis on the actual disease of a problem. How many marketing campaigns have jumped in priority when there’s a decline in sales? How often do we see a reshuffling of management teams when customer retention starts slipping? Most doctors prescribe medications to treat symptoms. The reality is it often takes a while before symptoms surface, sometimes years.
Rather than just treat symptoms, we can fully understand where they are coming from and treat their underlying cause.
The blue area depicts the auditory cortices and the green area represents the medial geniculate bodies. Nevertheless, many children and adults have difficulties in acquiring these skills and the reason is not always obvious.

For example, while most children are able to recognize whether two words rhyme even before they go to school, dyslexic children often cannot do this until late primary school age. Even though those affected do not lack intelligence or schooling, they have difficulties in reading, understanding and explaining individual words or entire texts. When affected individuals performed tasks that required the recognition of speech sounds, as compared to recognize the voices that pronounced the same speech, magnetic resonance tomography (MRT) recordings showed abnormal responses in the area around the medial geniculate body.
Allocating resources to knocking off quick wins could actually do more damage to the organization rather than setting a foundation for lasting improvement. Note that much of the effort early on is focused on the perception of the project team and little on moving forward to a solution.
We can even call it a waste and mismanagement of organization, and even customer, resources. Flooding an area with advertisement won’t fix the problem of having assembled a sub-par sales force. The number of boxes added or removed on the management organizational chart won’t change the fact that your service has been rendered obsolete by a new technology.
Take into account that most root causes, when left unresolved, grow and permeate over time. There are many effective models available that will quickly allow us to drill down to the root cause of a problem without causing analysis paralysis.
This approach is very effective when dealing with chronic pain, fatigue and the degenerative diseases of today such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and numerous autoimmune related diseases. The researchers showed that dyslexic adults have a malfunction in a structure that transfers auditory information from the ear to the cortex is a major cause of the impairment: the medial geniculate body in the auditory thalamus does not process speech sounds correctly.
In contrast, no differences were apparent between controls and dyslexic participants if the tasks involved only listening to the speech sounds without having to perform a specific task.

The researchers’ next project is now to study whether current treatment programs can influence the medial geniculate body in order to make learning to read easier for everyone in the long term. I also have what one might call a perfect ear (ability to identify) for voices but nothing remotely like it for faces or visual memory. An effective improvement campaign has the characteristic that each step in the plan efficiently moves the project closer to improvement goals.
In a future post, we’ll discuss simple steps that can be pieced together to form an effective and efficient methodology. Thanks to research carried out by Begona Diaz and her colleagues at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences in Leipzig, a major step forward has been made in understanding the cause of dyslexia.
Worst-case scenario, the resources allocated to the project may not be sufficient in handling the expanded scope of the problem. The scientists have discovered an important neural mechanism underlying dyslexia and shown that many difficulties associated with dyslexia can potentially be traced back to a malfunction of the medial geniculate body in the thalamus.
No differences could be ascertained between the two test groups in other areas of the auditory signalling path. We are therefore trying to find the neural causes of this learning disability in order to create a basis for improved treatment options,” says Diaz.

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