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Ear Crease and Heart Disease A diagonal earlobe crease is a potential indicator of coronary artery disease.
Inner Ear Within the bony labyrinth is a snail-shaped structure, called the MEMBRANOUS LABYRINTH, which is filled with ENDOLYMPH. Organ of Corti The sensory organ in the cochlea, which sits along the entire length of the basilar membrane and contains the sensory hair cells. Within the organ of Corti, there is a difference in electrical charge (electrical potential) between inside and outside the hair cells.
Organ of Corti When the basilar membrane moves in response to sound waves entering the cochlea, the organ of Corti moves with it, and this movement causes inner hair cells in a small area to open tiny transport gates (similar to trapdoors), which allows electrically charged ions to flow through. 5 The successful operation was the first of its kind for regenerative medicine, and Fidyka is believed to be the first man to walk again after having a completely severed spinal cord.

This crease is called “Frank’s sign” Whereas a “normal” earlobe is smooth, an earlobe with a crease has a fold, straight line, or wrinkle that appears to cut the earlobe in half.
Having an ear crease predicts an 80% chance of coronary artery disease in individuals younger than 40 years. The area from which the action potential arises provides information to the brain as to the pitch of the sound (rather as if the organ of Corti was a piano), and the rate of nerve firing provides information about the loudness of the sound.

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