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Send Home Our method Usage examples Index Contact StatisticsWe do not evaluate or guarantee the accuracy of any content in this site. So we drove out of the parking lot, all the way around the hospital, hoping to find parking.
Eventually, we met with five different people: nurse practitioner, audiologist, aural therapist,  geneticist and an education specialist.
Yesterday was a great opportunity to learn more about unilateral hearing loss in general and how this would affect Kalina specifically. Oh, and I told Chuck last night, the more time I spend with medical providers and doctors the less I understand.
Just a word of advice from someone who is now facing a $3,000 genetic test bill, just because an insurance company gives approval for a test, it does NOT mean they will actually pay the bill.
Renee Bergeron is 40 years old and delights in: good coffee, fabulous yarn and photography. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Would you like some practical help and guidance on how you can support your child's language development?
We provide a support group at our Hampshire Family Centre for babies and pre-school children with persistent 'glue ear' or unilateral (one-sided) hearing loss and their families..

The monthly sessions are friendly and supportive, providing you and your child with lots of expert advice and practical support. Glue ear (or conductive hearing loss) is a very common condition in young children, and can have a major impact on their speech and language development.
Unilateral hearing loss (or hearing loss on one side) can also impact on speech and language development. At The Elizabeth Foundation, we have over 30 years of experience of supporting babies and preschool children with hearing loss to develop their listening skills, natural speech and language.
We were told to be prepared for 3-4 hour visit since she would be seeing the hearing loss team. Just as the first provider was leaving the room we were in, she turned around abruptly and said, “Do you need any juice? I’m pretty sure because of many clustered visits, they are told to offer snacks to the patient and family. Seattle Children’s hospital has recently added a new wing on (yay!) so I hoped to find more parking.
Quite a difference from our experience up here in Bellingham, where they simply diagnosed Kalina’s hearing loss and sold us a hearing aid.
Her hearing in her right ear ranges from moderate hearing loss sloping down to profound hearing loss.

I felt the same way–hearing aid place sold my parents a pair of hearing aids, no talk about steps to take etc. They have reserved parking for large vehicles with a sign clearly stating what that means.
Without her hearing aid, she can’t hear any vocal tones or differentiate the sounds she can hear (in her right ear).
At the advice of our doctor, I went to our local hearing loss clinic, instead of Childrens, something I now regret. The geneticist we talked to said 50% of cases of unilateral hearing loss are genetic- although genetic doesn’t necessarily mean passed down from me and Chuck- it could also mean a genetic mutation in her cells. When I pulled into the parking lot a second time, hoping, perhaps, that the valet parking would be open, I found one empty spot. She will likely be getting some genetic testing done (so she has answers for her future) as long as the insurance company approves it. After motioning to them and smiling sweetly through the window, they were kind enough to move and I was able to park.

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