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When someone experiences hearing loss in one ear, they have SSD (single-sided deafness) or UHL (unilateral hearing loss). One of the reasons why not much attention is paid to SSD is that it often is the start of a bilateral condition. Preventative Care: All The Things You Should Know Regarding Earwax By Dr.
It is often very difficult for people with UHL to follow group conversations, particularly if they are placed in a reverberant environment.
The classifications of SSD are sensorineural or conductive, genetic or non-genetic and acquired or congenital.
Prevention The NID (National Institute of Deafness) has done research to demonstrate 36 million people in this country have a form of hearing loss. Prevention Chemotherapy affects different people differently, but it is never nice.

Very often, people who have UHL lose confidence in themselves and feel unsafe, which leads them to become isolated. It must also be recognized that people who are born with UHL to experience problems in their educational and psychosocial life.
It is important to fully review someone’s medical history and perform a clinical examination on someone who is suspected of having UHL.
Very often, tuning forks can be used to determine whether the UHL is conductive or sensorineural. Prevention Some fundamental information on hearing loss are discussed first. Yet, it is now believed that around 10% of all people in this country have a degree of SSD. By using a tuning fork on both ears, the pure tone hearing threshold of both can be determined.

It is known, however, that it is more common to have conductive hearing loss rather than sensorineural hearing loss. If it is found that the difference between the two is large, a masking noise will be employed. Clearly, it is very important for people who suspect they have SSD to speak to a professional to determine the best plan of action for future treatment. Unfortunately, it is almost never possible to determine the exact cause of SSD, but it is possible to help people achieve a greater quality of life and stop themselves from becoming socially isolated.

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