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Unilateral hearing loss (UHL) is common, and without intervention it can lead to academic, speech-language, and social-emotional difficulties. This indicates that the majority of people today who are fit monaurally with hearing aids are those with unilateral hearing loss (UHL).  UHL is defined as a loss in one ear of any degree (mild to profound) regardless of the type of hearing loss. Recent research indicates school-aged children with UHL demonstrate worse oral language scores (worse language comprehension, oral expression, and oral composite) compared with siblings and normal-hearing age peers.5 Academically, children with UHL have been found to perform more poorly than their normal-hearing counterparts.
Although the choice to fit infants with moderate or greater degrees of bilateral hearing loss has become standard practice, the decision of whether to fit amplification to children with UHL is less clear.
With the introduction of universal newborn hearing screening, UHL can be diagnosed within the first 3 months of life.
The treatment of UHL can include sound field systems, FM systems, traditional hearing aids, CROS hearing aids, bone-anchored hearing aids (BAHA), and even a cochlear implant depending on the type, configuration, and degree of hearing loss.
The benefits of hearing aids include increased audibility, minimizing of auditory deprivation, as well as ease of listening in both quiet and noisy listening conditions.
Johnstone and her colleagues10 investigated the sound localization acuity of children with mild-to-severe UHL ages 6 to 14 years who wore a hearing aid in the impaired ear. Fitting of hearing aid amplification is indicated for some people with unilateral hearing losses. Regarding timing, older children and adults with UHL who are identified as candidates should be fit with amplification as soon as possible.
Should hearing aids be fit differently for patients with UHL than for those with bilateral hearing losses? It should be noted that current prescriptive methods are specifically studied and designed for people with bilateral hearing loss. When doing the initial fitting, be aware that some software will default to a monaural fitting prescription when only one hearing aid is connected if the fitting rule incorporates a binaural correction. As mentioned, the literature on fitting of asymmetric hearing loss can inform how to fit UHL. One technique12 to achieve the goal of binaural fusion or balance for fitting an asymmetric hearing loss can easily be applied to fitting UHL. Whether hearing aids should be fit differently for those with UHL also extends beyond the gain-frequency response prescription to features of the hearing aids. Children’s limited experience with receptive speech and the importance of overhearing will limit the use of directional microphones.
One important consideration when using wireless accessories is that the fitting should be considered open regardless of how the impaired ear is fit. Frequency lowering (frequency compression, frequency translation, or frequency transposition) algorithms are another common feature in hearing aids today.
UHL is common, and without intervention it can lead to academic, speech-language, and social-emotional difficulties. Allow your Audiologist to professionally evaluate the type and severity of your hearing loss.
As with hearing impairment in general, SSD may lead to considerable lifestyle implications. As part of our continuing commitment to quality standards, we are currently looking for patients with single sided deafness who would be willing to trial the new hearing aid for us. By the time you read this you may have already noticed that purchasing from the SSCHL website was shut down for a period over the school winter break. The Recorded Functional Listening Evaluation Using Sentences has been available since last summer and has slowly been increasing in use throughout the country. Webinars offer a great opportunity to have the developer of Interact-AS describe this speech-to-text translation software.
Over 75,000 unique visitors in 2013! We hope that you find SSCHL information and products helpful as you work with children who are deaf or hard of hearing or their families. Research shows sound localization test scores were significantly poorer for the children with UHL than for the children with normal hearing. In a study of 60 children with UHL, Bess and Tharpe6 found that 35% of the children had repeated at least one grade in school, and an additional 13.3% required resource assistance, such as academic tutoring. It has been shown that fitting of aids soon after identification can minimize language delay; however, there can be a delay of up to 7 months in provision of amplification for children with mild and UHL. In this article, we will only discuss the fitting of conventional hearing aid amplification. Their results showed that a hearing aid can provide bilateral localization benefit to some children with UHL.
The decision to fit a patient with unilateral hearing loss should be made on an individual basis, taking into consideration the person’s or family’s preferences, as well as audiologic, developmental, educational, and communication needs.

Those with moderately severe or better UHL are likely to accept the use of a hearing aid, whereas those with a severe or profound UHL may not comply with hearing aid usage at all.
For infants, there is still debate whether they should be fit before or after 18 months of age.
Although the prescription may provide targets for a monaural versus binaural fitting, it might not specifically address the needs of people with UHL. NAL-NL2 is an example of a prescription that provides binaural correction for both pediatric and adult patients, while DSL 5.0 only has a binaural correction for adults.
Directional microphones can be fitted according to the patient’s communication needs for adults with UHL.
When a directional microphone is used, it is recommended to keep it in the automatic mode.  There is some evidence that directional microphones in the automatic mode will switch appropriately between a directional and omnidirectional response for the given environment approximately 90% of the time.
But there is only limited literature about hearing aid fitting for patients with UHL; some of the ideas have to borrow from asymmetry hearing loss fitting. Fitting of a hearing aid should be individually based and using your own expertise, taking consideration of patient age, degree of hearing loss, speech development, communication needs, and other morbidities, etc. Monaural hearing aid fitting considerations for Patients with unilateral hearing loss: Who should receive unilateral fittings, and how should you fit them? Hearing Review.
Repeatedly missing out on conversation or finding communication especially challenging and energy consuming in particular situations, heightens the risk of withdrawal, which may affect work, family and social life. Widex CROS picks up sound from  the side with the deaf ear, and sends it wirelessly to a receiving hearing aid on the better ear. I feel it will be useful to have an alternative to the proficient Audeo CROS from Phonak, which is currently the only practical option for patients with single sided deafness.
If you decide to visit the Hospital or have your test conducted by the Chalfont Hearing Centre then you will be seen by a qualified Audiologist registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). A new year rolls around with the excitement and anticipation for real growth in student skills and learning more information to support their success.
Although most of what this website offers is free resource information, there has been a growing number of products chosen for you to better support children with hearing loss. Refer to the IEP Issues and IDEA Law Information webpage for more details (under Eligibility for Specialized Instruction, services and supports). Each week she sends a different tip to the teachers, paraprofessionals, related service providers and parents of students on her caseload.
In response to numerous comments about how many school computers, and of course iPads, do not have CD drives that would allow the FLE CD to be used, the Recorded FLE Using Sentences is now available for purchase as a totally downloadable file. Take advantage of this opportunity to see him demonstrate it and ask the questions that are pertinent to your situation or student.
The speech-to-text captions will appear on a laptop computer or a media tablet (Microsoft Surface Pro or Asus Taichi) on his or her desk. Please share the page with your friends and family, and continue to share your comments and questions!
In the ensuing years, as the benefits of binaural hearing aid fittings became apparent, the proportion of monaural-to-binaural fittings did a dramatic flip-flop. Localization acuity in younger children with UHL was significantly improved, but not in the group of older children; time of intervention is also a main factor affecting the localization benefit. On the one hand, it is unknown what degree of UHL may result in auditory deprivation and what is the critical time to provide amplification thereby avoiding these effects. That is, we do not yet know if people with UHL prefer the gain generated by a prescriptive method designed for monaural fitting of a bilateral hearing loss.7 But we can get some inspiration from fitting experiences with asymmetrical hearing loss. While a program button to access multiple listening programs may be of little relevance for patients with UHL, a volume control is a must.
WDRC will automatically adjust the gain of the hearing aid based on the input sound level to ensure natural perception of loudness. For children, the use of directional microphone may be beneficial in some listening situations, such as when the target signal is located in front of the listener; however, decreased performance with directional response has been noted when the target signal was located to the side or behind the listener. Such hearing aids can receive an audio signal from a remote location to improve signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and can be of particular benefit when listening in noisy environments.
The time of arrival of the streamed wireless signal to the impaired ear should not be delayed too much relative to the good ear receiving the signal acoustically to avoid disturbing perceptual effects.
Noise reduction has not been found to improve or degrade speech understanding in adults or school-aged children, but it can improve comfort and ease-of-listening in realistic listening situations. Since the good ear will receive undistorted normal sound, the frequency lowered sound may interfere with binaural processing. The role of aided ear is to provide more useful information to help understand speech and for binaural processing.

The relevance of other treatment options than conventional hearing aids, such as FM, CROS, BAHA, and a cochlear implant, also should be considered and communicated to the patient.
Amplification considerations for children with minimal or mild bilateral hearing loss and unilateral hearing loss.
Sound localization acuity in children with unilateral hearing loss who wear a hearing aid in the impaired ear. An evidence-based systematic review of amplitude compression in hearing aids for school-age children with hearing loss. Fewer wires, less complexity, and more connections: The new challenge for wireless hearing instruments. This is due to several reasons: the inability to separate background noise from the signal of interest, the lack of binaural summation effect, and difficulties hearing the signal of interest coming from the side of the dead ear. I have had great results from treating unilateral hearing losses this year and if the performance matches the response that I have had from my current Widex Dream patients, it will definitely be a huge success. I hope that you enjoyed the December shopping guide and passed it on to some of your families. These have been shipped from a few different places, with each product item having a shipping fee. All of the Tips have been included in an easy cut-and-paste format that is ready for you to email each week or as a single document that lists all of the Tips. The webcasts will now be provided off of a dedicated server platform and provide a built in buffer time before the webcasts will begin to play. The children with UHL also had significantly poorer speech-recognition scores than their normal-hearing peers.
Children who were fit earlier showed bilateral benefit, whereas children who were fit later showed bilateral interference.
Thus, any binaural correction should be used even though only one hearing aid is being fit to compensate for binaural summation effects. Then, ask the patient about where they perceive your voice to be coming from when you are sitting in front of him or her. This is because it won’t be known how the poor ear with amplification will interact with the good ear in real-world situations.
An example of a wireless accessory that could be used for this purpose is a companion microphone that can be held or worn by a conversational partner or speaker-of-interest.
When the poor ear has a severe hearing loss, the aided sound can reach the brain, but it may not be helpful.
Unilateral hearing loss is associated with worse speech-language scores in children: a case-control study. And, without hearing aid amplification, localization performance in children with UHL rarely equals that of peers.
Increase or decrease gain accordingly until the patient reports hearing your voice at the front and center of the head. The patient should have the opportunity to make volume adjustments to match the good ear.11 For young children, the volume control may need to be deactivated for safety concerns. The speaker’s voice will be picked up by the microphone and transmitted wirelessly to the hearing aid. An evidence-based systematic review of directional microphones and digital noise reduction hearing aids in school-age children with hearing loss. Due to the WidexLink technology that’s used for transmitting sound to the receiving hearing aid, Widex CROS has a long battery life. If our kids don’t feel good about themselves and that it is okay to wear cool hearing technology, they will likely not be good self-advocates and academics will become increasingly challenging.
Fulfillment of orders will be from Florida and the actual shipping cost for the whole order will be charged, plus a low handling fee. If you have an FLE CD and find that one of your pdf forms is not fully functional, contact me and I will send the pdfs to you. The state-of -the-art speech understanding is delivered using the DREAM platform, which has already proved to be extremely successful with our patients. This should make purchases more efficient, multiple items cheaper, and you will get them all at one time. I am excited about this change as it means that I will have more time to focus on expanding information in the SSCHL website, Teacher Tool membership information, webcasts, products and of course, speaking all over the US and Canada.

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