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Arthur Ashe Stadium, positioned in Flushing Meadows Park in Corona, New York, is the primary tennis arena of the US Open, the last of the four Grand Slam tournaments. Arthur Ashe Stadium is termed after the famous tennis player, Arthur Robert Ashe Jr., who won the UNITED STATES Open Tennis Tournament in 1968.
Over 40 years later, the title Arthur Ashe lives on in the hearts and minds of the who remember him as one of the most truly effective tennis players and humanitarians in American history. The USTA announced today a $550 million dollar renovation to the US Open that will including the construction of two retractable roofs over Arthur Ashe Stadium as well as one over a new Louis Armstrong court. In addition, the tournament will move the Grandstand to it’s own separate 8,000-seat structure as part of an overall expansion of the grounds. The roof over the cavernous Ashe court, which has a target completion date of 2017 and could be ready for 2016, is expected to be four times the size of Wimbledon’s court.

The Ashe roof will be constructed of flexible, translucent PTFE fabric stretched over a steel frame and will be supported by eight steel columns surrounding the stadium. As other majors like Wimbledon and Australian Open, they should have planned it much early since the tournament has always been hostage to frequent rains and matches have been cancelled much to the consternation of spectators and Television viewers. Pauly: To all those blind unbelievable imbeciles out there predicting 3 sets win to Djokovic WTF ??? Arthur Ashe Stadium can be found at the USTA Billie Jean King Nationwide Tennis Center in Flushing, Queens, Nyc. Arthur Ashe Stadium, which cost about $254 million to construct, is really a four-level structure created by Rossetti Associates Architects, which could be the same designers of the Tennis Center at Crandon Park in Miami. His name also lives on at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Arthur Ashe Stadium, among the grandest services of any competition – Grand Slam or otherwise – in the world.

Arthur Ashe Stadium functions 22,547 specific seats, 90 luxury suites, five restaurants (including marketing and participant food), state-of-the-art broadcast and audio systems, and a two-level players’ lounge, making it the largest outdoor tennis-only place on the planet. The Arthur Ashe Stadium, like the other 32 courts in the service, includes a DecoTurf cushioned acrylic surface.
It feels intimate and you can see into it from Armstrong so you’re watching two matches at once.

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