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I keep this fiberglass box I made here in my showroom so everyone who stops in can view my work. First, Lets address the obvious benefit of having a vehicle security system installed and that of course is SECURITY. Alot of vehicle break-in victims find themselves also being victims of Identity Theft from personal items stolen from their vehicle.
A Car Alarm system stopping a thief is only one way a vehicle security system helps prevent theft. Of course the convenience aspect of an Alarms, ETC security system also make them appealing no matter who you are. There are definitely alot of benefits of security systems especially when combined with Alarms, ETC’s award winning installation services.
An astounding number of vehicles are reported stolen every day in nearly every city in the USA.

Most people don’t realize how much personal information is in their vehicle at any given time. Having a security system opens up doors to other  features such as Remote Start, Keyless Entry, Remote Trunk releases and other key convenience features. Stop by our store and let one of our associates SHOW YOU how you can benefit from a new state of the art security system. Because of this the majority of vehicle break-in victims often times find themselves in IDENTITY THEFT situations which take months and even years to try and recover from. Starting your vehicle by remote can help prolong the life of your interior, keep your groceries cool while they are in the car or just allow you to be able to breath during the hot summer months instead of walking out to the oven that used to be your car. Some people even think because their vehicle is old, beat up or a family vehicle that no-one would  want to steal it or break into it.
Don’t leave yourself, your information or your vehicle vulnerable to an intruder by not having a car alarm installed on your vehicle.

Plus, Being able to unlock your doors or open your vehicle by remote can be a great thing to have for when your hands are full and your trying to enter the vehicle quickly.
And, especially in Florida, during the rainy season its certainly nice to be able to open your door or put stuff in your trunk as quickly as possible.
There are other ways that an alarm system can protect you, your vehicle and your loved ones from harm.

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