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VA 2008 Compensation RatesDavid Lord - PVNNMike Bowman, of Forreston, Illinois, testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington on December 12 before the House Veteran's Affairs Committee hearing on mental health issues and suicides facing veterans. While the last three cost of living increases have only amounted to an 8% increase - that's a 22% short fall!America and its Veterans are being pulled deeper into poverty, with compensation benefits being skimmed off and diverted into rebuilding foreign nations, at the expense of the Veterans who served and suffered in those very nations.Veterans deserve an income which is capable of providing some Quality of Life as well as covering the lost income they incur due to service-related disabilities. They not only suffer disability, they continue to be held hostage to a war no one wants.They have survived real wounds, wrecked bodies, battered emotions, and traumatized minds serving America.

These are the heroes who have bought and paid for these so-called Compensation Benefits with their blood and guts, but guess what? The VA tells us that their conditions pre-existed their military service, yet, when you are accepted into military service you are presumed to be 100% fit for duty when accepted, that's the Law.Those that are found Unfit for Duty must be given more than a boot out the door when the cause of discharge is due to a medical condition or mental disorder. The rates below are for those fortunate enough to be given Compensation Payments.2008 Pay Rates of Service Compensated Veterans10% - 20% (No Dependents)30% - 60% Without Children70% - 100% Without Children30% - 60% With Children70% - 100% With ChildrenDavid Lord served in Vietnam as combat Marine for 1st Battalion 26th Marines, during which time he was severely wounded.

He received the Purple Heart and the Presidential Unit Citation for his actions during the war in Vietnam.

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