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TIP: It is a good idea to wash your hands before working with the clay (white clay especially) as dust and fibers easily get into your clay when working with it. It is best to start and end at the bottom point of the heart so the seam is less noticeable. You may want to wash before you do this if you have red coloring on your hands from making the flowers.
Then press a clay flower into the center of each one, again making sure to press them firmly enough so they don't pop off.

Place them on the heart wherever you would like, and then press each one down using the head of the pin. To apply the Pearl Ex, simply dip your paint brush into the powder and brush it over the areas you want to shimmer. We suggest you do this over the container of Pearl Ex, so any extra falls back into the container. Then, using your needle nose pliers, carefully bend the eye hooks open on all three pieces.

On the earrings, hook on the earring hooks and on the pendant, hook on the small metal ring.

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