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About the Workthis is a picture of is an exhibition of acrylic paintings on linen by Carin Rodenborn. Curious about formal and metaphorical connections and convergences, Rodenborn experiments with how form and metaphor play on each other through color, shape, space and a consideration of edges.
In this body of work, as in much of her work, the crossroads of geometric and expressive qualities of abstraction together embody both vulnerability and a sense of strength.
Artist StatementI have tried to remove weight, sometimes from people, sometimes from heavenly bodies, sometimes from cities; above all I have tried to remove weight from the structure of stories and from language.
My approach is an exploration of spaciousness through an inquisitive experimentation with materials. There is a sense of wonder in the search for and the study of the poetics of painting and drawing that makes for a joyful, if not sometimes awkward, pursuit. With heavy consideration of color and formal qualities, Amelia Carley's new body of work consists of paintings that explore a macro-photographic view of geological material, particularly quartz and amethyst. Lauren Mayer's work deals with how people create a personal intimacy and knowledge of oneself through accumulated objects, whether hidden in a stack of clothes in a bureau in the corner or on display in the form of a chair. The photographs and sculptures in this exhibition combine the experience of the vast and impersonal landscape of Antarctica with the discreet space of individual studio explorations.
Hyperlink is a nebulous collective of artists who select a city outside of Colorado to physically enact the way the Internet has shaped our experience as artists. Artists Mia Mulvey and Amanda Small have been working collaboratively to create an installation titled Thaumazein. Using symbols, fragments, echoes, and traces as frameworks from their global and physical locations, they intermix these with indications from their personal, domestic landscapes. Through this ongoing conversation Mulvey and Small are expanding their ideas about wonder and its philosophy. The results of this collaborative dialogue emerge at VERTIGO Art Space as an installation of abstracted objects and a conceptual landscape that are sure to connect with its audience to spark an intrinsic sense of wonder which must be experienced. Mia Mulvey earned her BFA from Arizona State University and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Amanda Small was raised in Chapel Hill, NC, where she cultivated a love of ceramics in the Appalachians. The sharer of the most inspiring secret will be invited to develop a project for Launch Pad 003, to take place in Boulder, Colorado, on 4 October 2014.
Please note that VERTIGO's normal hours are suspended during the month of the Artist-in-Residence program. By Hook or By Crook is an exhibition of a new body of work by Dmitri Obergfell that explores capitalism’s ethical implications. Dmitri Obergfell (b.1986) is an alumnus of the Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design (2010). Listen to the interview with Kara Duncan and Patrick Loehr on The Untitled Art Show with host Erik Isaac and guest host Jimmy Sellars.
In our ever growing and strangely shrinking contemporary world it has become commonplace to travel great distances in a matter of hours.
The Blob is an indeterminable form that references the unknown in nature and its outer limits as well as the known cultural realms of science fiction and campy horror. It is not form alone that connects these artists; the process of allowing a work to emerge or unfold rather than adhere to a rigid blueprint is a binding agent.
Some historians suggest that the 1958 movie The Blob was a subconscious metaphor for anxieties surrounding the Cold War. VERTIGO welcomes back local star Lauri Lynnxe Murphy with her first show after returning to Denver from living in Ohio for a couple years.
Bernardo Cantu (Denton, TX) colorfully mixes material signifiers of class and race identity with a neo funk blend of cosmic new-age spiritual humor forcing the viewer to access and face uncomfortable realities about social inequity. Mark Upson (Los Angeles, CA) explores ideas about relativity, conceptions of time, and our evolving relationship with technology. Amber Farnell and Nicholas Hay work as a collaborative team out of Boulder and imbue a frenetic playfulness with material and process. Stephen V Martonis blends natural and technological materials in reaction to perceived patterns in the natural world.
In Cycles and Stages, mother, father, son, and daughter become central representations upon which lie broader narratives of life and death, pattern and disorder, inner and outer.
In Sensitive and Emotional, Kelcy Chase Folsom and Adam Milner present independent works surrounding ideas of intimacy, relationships, touch, sexuality, and vulnerability that define their work and provide a common ground.
Kelcy Chase Folsom is currently an MFA student in ceramics at the University of Colorado at Boulder. Anthony Camera is a Denver, Colorado based photographer specializing in editorial and advertising photography.
Straying from exhibitions I have had previously, the works I am currently exhibiting at VERTIGO are a series of portraits that provide a glimpse of this inspiration. Matthew Harris has been shot in the face with a musket in Mexico, pushed off a cobblestone wall by a horse in Spain’s Sierra Nevada, and survived an earthquake in Peru. Artist Statement: In projects as varied as coating a floor with corn syrup to dragging a friend across the desert, Matthew explores not only his physical relationship to the world, but also his mental relationship to it. Attempting to provide a glimmer of societal self-reflection for the viewer, Maggie Lawless uses text and imagery from the Internet to attempt to capture the structures that promote and maintain entrapment, or domination and dependence, in modern society. By contrast, Pavel’s grandfather spends the days at his workbench, finessing a balance wheel for the timepieces that he makes and mends.
There is just enough ambiguity about the very beginning of Romeo, Juliet and Darkness, as Pavel rushes into the attic and hugs the suitcase of someone who is obviously not there, to lead one to wonder whether it will follow the Shakespearean line of tragically mistaken assumptions. This is a noisy film, not in a conventional sense but, when sounds are laid down, they pierce the film. Other noises are not so threatening – there is the sound of a cherished one bathing, with water you have fetched, just the other side of a closed door. Something similar takes place early on when a child’s simple language intimates terrible fates.
Similarly, as Pavel sits in his windowsill, the bars of which look like a prison, he looks out as smoke rises from a single chimney. Demo version will be unable to store current state, save banks or presets and use automation.

Her work has always been rooted in painting, yet when immersed in the process, she is often more involved with the object of a painting than she is the image.
I am curious about formal and metaphorical connections and convergences, and how form and metaphor play on each other through color, shape, space and a consideration of edges. I work with both traditional and non-traditional materials in a painting and drawing practice that often looks a lot like sculpture. For me, both the joy and awkwardness present in this pursuit meet at the crossroads of geometric and expressive qualities of abstraction that together embody both vulnerability and a sense of strength.
Utilizing a camera as a major component of the work, she exaggerates depth-of-field properties to create the feeling of a human-size, almost landscape, experience of these prolific inorganic forms. Understanding how memory and identity can become attached to objects, especially to pieces of furniture or objects of clothing, rests as the foundation for much of her work. She received her BFA in Ceramics from Michigan State University and a post-baccalaureate degree from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth.
While the net has opened floodgates for artists to easily disseminate their imagery, even with the ease of travel, the physical limitations of geographical distance are often still a real barrier to a tangible and meaningful connectivity with art. These spaces suggest there is something more than what the world appears to be, a place that is inhabited by both reality and fantasy, between remembering and forgetting. The word, a Greek verb meaning "to wonder", is both contradictory and oppositional, rational and irrational, and has clear associations with looking and seeing. Mulvey and Small are creating a visual conversation about place and character through vestiges of the world they live in, both shared and separate. A symbolic language has been created to reveal the intangible spaces of their collaboration and dissection of the roots of the Greek word thauma: "To look at something with wonder".
Her ceramic sculptures are inspired by natural history, science, and early museum practices. Her interest in intrinsic systems revealed by emergent patterns has led to work that references the internal structures found in nature, biology, and plant life, and related to systems emerging from various forms of mapping. Focusing on universal, personal, or societal topics, each Mission presents artists and their recent work in the welcoming atmosphere of a private residence or public space. Hours are set by the artists, so please contact the artists directly for scheduling and appointments. All RedLine Alumni and founding members of TANK studio, Theresa Clowes, Sarah Scott, and Gretchen Marie Schaefer employ media in their work that includes felt, paper, graphite, and discarded objects. By aestheticizing tools that are commonly connected with crime, Obergfell’s new work is intended to create conversations about our associations with nefarious activity.
The work made from materials like crowbars, bronze casts of ski masks, and switchblades examines the overlapping space of these two realms to shed light on their similarities and question the relation between capitalism, crime, and race issues. Hours are set by the artist, so please contact the artist directly for scheduling and appointments.
He has recently returned from a residency in Italy, where he prepared work for a solo exhibition at Galleria Upp in Venice. With Mark Upson, Lindsay Pichaske, Bernardo Cantu, Yaloo Pop, Amber Farnell, Nicholas Hay, and Lauri Lynnxe Murphy. It seems to have emerged from the collective imagination in relatively recent human history. Involving a quasi collaboration with bees, her recent work suggests anxieties around food production and the environment. These grotesque humanoids hint at post apocalyptic traumas or alternate universes where the figure has no skeletal framework and slowly oozes as it scoots along. The Gravitron attains a speed of 24 rpm, which results in 4G of gravitational force, causing riders to lift off the floor. He questions whether mathematical and scientific laws are governing principles for understanding life or causative elements that lead to deceptive readings by the human brain in attempts to define chaos. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the State University of New York at Fredonia and a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture from West Virginia University. Do-It-Yourself has hit globally on a multitude of levels from urban farming, to craft movements, to artists' explorations. While Milner presents artifacts and documents from his life, often ongoing and based in ritual or routine, Folsom creates relics of performances that never happened. While not neglecting theory or concept, Milner and Folsom embrace these emotions that are often viewed as either weaknesses or passé.
Adam Milner is an artist in Denver, Colorado, and received his BFA from the University of Colorado at Boulder in Drawing and Painting.
Camera’s work has appeared in publications including News Week, TV Guide, Chicago Tribune, Psychology Today, Westword, and more. However my images reflect the fleeting atmospheric conditions of humanity as it reacts—perhaps before the subject becomes aware of the photographer.
In hopes of finding expressions that are not taught but discovered through actual experience, Matthew relies on his intuition in creating works that playfully question how society values time, intelligence, and beauty. Using formal techniques of collage, drawing, and painting, Lawless incorporates art historical references with details that intimately engage the viewer, while the symbolism and artistic techniques attract attention from a distance. A Jewish family, the Würms, are forced to leave their courtyard apartment building to go to the Transport. A piece of black cloth hanging from the window creates a note of foreboding and, as Pavel hears someone approach, he locks the door and reflects over the events, all set in motion by a handshake with a young neighbour, that have brought him to this situation. If there is gaucheness in the nascent relationship between the two children, well, that is the way it should be. My work has always been rooted in painting, yet, when immersed in the process, I am more often involved with the object of a painting than I am the image. The painted microscopic perspective pushes the experience towards a forced visual abstract that is reliant on color and composition. Something as simple as the idea of what someone holds in his or her pockets offers up narratives of internal and external lives told through objects.
These moments where boundaries are breached evoke the possibility of experiencing the world differently.
These holes become filled in with unknown wildness and the elements of a forest start to infringe inside. Thaumazein implies that one gets a glimpse of this unexpressed world and the spaces in-between.

Mia actively exhibits her work nationally and internationally, most recently at the Denver Art Museum and at Goodwin Fine Art.
The artists create quiet, graceful meditations on contemporary relationship to nature and its undeniable ability to elicit discomfort. This body of work was created in light of drug war legislation, rap music, paired with the stereotyping that has been a result of anthropological criminology (the study of offender profiling). He intends to continue his exploration at VERTIGO, articulating a transition from his previous body of work which explored the temporal nature of culture. In his exhibition, Plume Age, Dylan looks to flight patterns and densities, land use associated with the air travel infrastructure, and the sky to find inspiration for his sculptures. They begin their optimistic adventures with: Tracy Tomko, Meagen Svendsen, Mark Penner-Howell, CT Nelson, Patrick Loehr, John Haley III, and Erin Asmussen. The Gravitron is the fastest spinning amusement park ride and is considered to have a "High" thrill level.
He currently resides in Longmont, Colorado, where he is the Exhibitions Manager for the CU Art Museum and a Lecturer in the Department of Art & Art History at the University of Colorado Boulder. The purpose in the collective is to explore the Venn diagram nature within their individual works, using the collective mindset as a means to tackle larger envisioned concepts and projects.
The Stapleford Collective's project sets out to explore constructivist methods through contemporary recreations, instructional DIY’s, and spin offs of recorded processes, stories, and cultural history. His interest in working with clay, glass, cast iron, the photographic image and other materials is in what each material gives to the work: light, color, transparency, depth, strength, weight, illusion, fragility, etc. Camera has worked for clients such as Anheuser-Busch, Coors, Qwest, Sony, Cricket, Sun, Gambro, International Franchise Association, Leica, Cirsca, University of Denver, Iliff School of Theology and many more. In an effort to avoid static depictions of predetermined concepts, Matthew worries less about the solid details of a singular meaning for the work and focuses on capturing a momentary impression of his interaction in materials with all its fleeting, changing, and temporal qualities. Social, economic injustice and the structures that maintain these conditions are themes that occur throughout the work. Such times demand that statements are made artlessly, even awkwardly, in contrast to the sureness of barked commands. Currently teaching Ceramics at Metropolitan State University of Denver, she has also taught at the University of Denver and the University of Colorado, Boulder. This process adds an eerie dimension, an extension of the landscape in time rather than a direct representation. Our goal is to expand the professional networks of artists working in both the Denver and Chicago areas and to create new opportunities for each other. Her grants and awards include a Colorado Council for the Arts Artist Fellowship Grant and a Kohler Arts in Industry Residency. She has been a visiting artist at Australia National University in Canberra, Australia, and at Unitec University in Auckland, New Zealand. Although crafted with skill and beauty, the works nevertheless poke and prod at nature’s underbelly.
These relations culminate in Oberfell’s work by providing a questioning of what is beautiful in relation to what we perceive as dangerous or destructive to society and the effects of these assumptions on class divisions and racial issues. His residency will focus on acts of delinquency and explore the cultural aesthetics associated with these acts. Consequently, at any given moment there is an overwhelming number of airplanes, full of people, in the skies above our heads.
Because his work includes various approaches and media, from hand-built ceramics to digital imagery, Dylan Beck's exhibition at VERTIGO Art Space is visually striking as well as contemplative. The artists in this show create from vastly different contexts, but this show unites them under seemingly simple formal connections in the realm of biomorphic forms and organic shapes. Selective breeding has led to the domesticated silkworm being unable to fly or survive without human care. The project will consist of a multitude of pieces executed with a wide variety of materials and techniques both known and new to the Stapleford Collective mindset and practice. When Pavel fetches it from their apartment, he meets a Jewish girl, Hanka, who has arrived too late to meet the family and who also must leave. There is also the singing of a bird in a cage, at the beginning as the Jewish family pack up their cart and leave for the Transport and later, to warn of the approach of danger and harm.
It sounds like a clapper being dragged slowly around a bell’s inside, it is the sound of iron on iron, of iron wheels on iron rails. Her visual work has been exhibited throughout the United States, and she is co-founder and editor of Dime and Honey, an online publication that looks at and celebrates the intersection of art and life. In recent years she has enjoyed time of making new work as a resident at Anderson Ranch Arts Center in Colorado and Red Lodge Clay Center in Montana.
The resulting images are an evidence of fragile natural systems in a state of flux, caught between violent natural events, a rapidly changing climate, and human presence. In 2010 she participated in Project Network at the International Ceramic Research Center in Skaelskor, Denmark, where she continues to work on staff as the Projects Coordinator. By carefully selecting material as metaphor, Martonis creates a narrative about the human condition and how it relates to the natural world. Through these careful material explorations, a larger environment is created, one that perhaps aids us in the never-ending discovery of our place in the world. However, when a German officer then arrives at the building to inspect the apartment for his mistress, Pavel decides to hide Hanka in his mother’s attic storeroom. If we could only understand the language of birds we would hear its message, instead of just noting a sharp trilling. Even when Pavel and Hanka dance and when they kiss, there is still the rumble of martial drums.
Parallel to the photographs, the sculptures attempt to deliver a compressed sense of structure and materiality. Recently she was awarded a North Carolina Arts Council Fellowship designed to support artists in their artistic and exhibition endeavors and professional development.
Their conception lies in the potential of abstract form to evolve upon itself and to convey emotion and meaning even when it appears to be completely removed from external references.

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