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Mulching and adding compost to soil can minimize evaporation and help soil absorb and store water. It is tall (up to 5 m), erect, with large leaves (the leaves reach a length of 8 cm) and white flowers in dense umbels. Its foliage is slimer than the species, darker green color, and the plant can be used as an onamental hedge.

Viburnum species feature simple, opposite leaves and spherical or umbrella-shaped inflorescences.Some species have fragrant flowers and others feature vividly-coloured leaves and decorative fruits in autumn.
Es de las especies más usadas de todos los Viburnos, debido a su facil cultivo, pocos cuidados y gran elegancia. Laurestine is a rare plant, and grows in thickets of Maquis in the Carmel and in a few places in the Galilee: Hevel Tefen, Mount Meron.

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