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Preparing the soil before planting allows you to make sure that conditions are right for your plant.
Improve the fertility of the soil by incorporating fertilisers such as Fish, Blood & Bone, Growmore or Vitax Q4.
Mark out the line for your hedge with string to keep it straight and place markers at the correct planting distance. Dig your hole deep enough to allow the surface of the rootball to be level with the surrounding soil.
Making sure your plant is well watered, remove it from the pot and gently tease the roots out from the rootball.

Refill the hole, carefully making sure that soil goes between the roots eliminating any air pockets. For the first season for smaller plants, and two for larger plants, watering is all important in getting the plant established.
Keep other plants away from your newly planted hedge and keep it weed and grass free for at least 2 years. To encourage good root growth the soil surrounding the planting hole needs to be good enough to entice the roots out from the planting hole. Mulching will help in both controlling weeds and grass, but also keeping in the moisture in the soil.

Light rain in summer does not penetrate down to the roots, and dry windy conditions will lead to water shortages for the plants. Evergreen plants will require checking through winter as they will be loosing water through their foliage. The berries are a good source of food for birds and the flowers are a good source of nectar and pollen for bees and other pollinating insects.

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