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For sheer pay back, Viburnum’s are hard to match and they are one of the most popular landscape shrubs with over 150 species.
Their luscious, deep green, leathery leaves, pretty clusters of fragrant pink or white flowers and followed by a host of red, blue or black berries mean there is interest at almost every season and they are great for wildlife – birds love the clustering berries. As an unusual alternative to the standard lollipop topiary – Viburnum topiary trees look beautiful when covered in a snow-like haze of bloom.
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These galleries feature our customer's gardens, showcase our Plant Centre and offer inspirational ideas for your gardens based on the varieties of trees, shrubs and plants we specialise in. These evergreen gems work away, providing interest all year round, they will tolerate any aspect and are very easy to grow in any type of well drained soil. If you think you may need more detailed advice, for an hour or more, we would recommend that an appointment is booked for a free consultation at our Plant Centre in Crews Hill.
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These trees work especially well when underplanted with contrasting shrubs such as red hued Japanese Acers or Photinia Red Robin.

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