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Aurora borealis (those with an iridescent finish) rhinestones were not introduced by Swarovski until the mid-1950s, which helps date many costume pieces. Do you remember that post I did a few weeks ago on inheriting my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry collection?
I hinted at it then, and I even hinted at it in conversation with a few other bloggers and on the Sammy Davis Vintage fan page — I wanted to do a giveaway with some of her fabulous pieces so that I could pass along some vintage love to YOU! While some time has passed since first announcing this “hint,” I have not forgotten about this giveaway promise! So without further ado, keep reading after the jump for this week’s gratefulness story and for further instructions  on how to enter the Sammy Davis Vintage Gratefulness Giveaway #1 — and to salivate over some PICTURES of the pieces up for win! Thank you to everyone in advance for entering this very first Sammy Davis Vintage giveaway! Before you have amazing and fulfilling weekends, please check in and say hi on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Happy Gratefulness Friday everyone … remember that no matter who the winner of this giveaway is, we are ALL winners with thankfulness for what we have now that can never be taken away from us … our SELVES! There you are rushing to get to your job or meeting with a friend for a catch-up cup of coffee, and you have to avoid a man or woman begging you for food, change, subway passes and whatever you have that you’re willing to give up. On 23rd Street headed west, I passed a man who said something to me that I couldn’t quite make out. But while those assumptions were ringing in my mind, in that moment I was able to push them to the side and pause. I’m not sure how he got to that place on the street or how long it took him to get there. For a chance to win one of the 5 vintage costume jewelry pieces listed below valued at $50 each, you must enter between today [Friday, March 25th] and by midnight on Sunday, March 27th. You can only enter once, and all winners will be drawn at random using the site
I have been loving the 70s!It’s funny because around January I swore off skinny jeans.
Thanks for your suggestions on how to protect jewelry and beads, they are all useful for me!

For the past few shopping seasons, big and bejeweled statement jewelry hung around the necks and dangled on the ears of globetrotting style stars and local jewel-loving socialites. While costume jewelry aficionados hunt religiously at vintage boutiques, auctions and European flea markets for unique antique jewelry, you too can score a sweet piece of antique or vintage costume jewelry (or even a girls bracelet for your daughter) using these 6 smart jewel-sleuthing strategies.
Peruse vintage costume jewelry boutiques in your city or make an appointment with an antique dealer to become familiar with historic statement pieces.
Costume jewelry for the 1920s and 1930s are particularly valuable and coveted by collectors and auction house curators. Pieces that serious vintage lovers are clamoring over will determine which items are stylish and will appreciate. Consider recent collections like costume pieces from the ‘70s and ‘80s like Givenchy and Saint Laurent and even current pieces from Vera Wang and Burberry Prossum that whose value will appreciate among vintage jewelry collectors in upcoming years.
If you can’t live without a piece of jewelry, that’s the one treasure that you must purchase. Finding the perfect piece of vintage costume jewelry is similar to unearthing buried treasure. If you develop an eye for what’s in and what’s valuable, you might find the perfect brooch, charm bracelet or chunky necklace that will be the signature statement trinket in your personal box of jewelry bling.
The reason I ask is that i’m involved in wholesale costume jewellery at the moment, and as such I have a large personal collection of modern costume jewellery, but I have also have a couple of vintage items and would like more.
Cream color, thermoset plastic clip back earrings accented with sparkly clear rhinestones and brilliantly colored aurora borealis rhinestones. Some need a stone or two, some may need to be restrung, and some may simply need a little cleaning. I was rather musing on how I could make giveaways a more regularly occurring thing to benefit everyone who has and will ever experience the Sammy Davis Vintage brand.
Vintage jewelry, clothing, accessories and the like may be up for grabs; or an awesome product from an indie fashion brand. I feel like you are all going to be pioneers of something that will grow and grow as it gains more gratefulness! Or just leave me a note via email, especially if you have a question about vintage fashion and thrift store style that I can answer on the site sometime soon.

That is the true beauty of not passing judgment: we are giving back to ourselves because we are giving the entire truth of what truly is reality to ourselves in that moment. I thought I was being rebellious by choosing to wear the complete antithesis of skinny jeans- wide legs. Want to add a few pieces of vintage costume jewelry into your existing collection of baubles? Stick to the classic statement pieces that are legendary like Art Deco or inspired by films that featured Hollywood actresses for maximum resale value.
Some consignment shops, which cater to a sophisticated clientele, will have showcases filled with antique rarities and glam goodies priced considerably lower than retail.
When in doubt, go for the WOW effect.  Select the one ring, necklace or pair of earrings that speaks to you, and complements your existing wardrobe. On the other hand, cloudy rhinestones, cracked stones and tarnished or oxidized metal are difficult to mend and not worth the investment. The giveaway may even grow to encompass non-fashion items to win like a holistic, all-natural beauty product, organic foods, inspiring reading material and the like! And then I turned around, realizing that I wasn’t looking at a homeless man or a obnoxious cat-caller at all. The disco loving polyblend fantasticness, the hippie love child awesomeness, mixing boho and glitz. If I HAD to choose, I’d go 30s because I think that obsession will last into my 80s, as would any of these pieces, if I won one. I was meant for the ’80s (so my husband say’s) it was the best years ever for fashion! The fashion, the music, the extravagance… I like to keep my style simple, then splash it up with one or two flashy items, so it’s the perfect era for inspiration! Thanks so much for this giveaway and sharing your story about the blind man; both are beautiful!

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