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This is another adorable Vintage Glass Canning or Mason Jar Graphic, from an early 1920’s Catalog! Vintage Vixen Misbehave Wine Glass Details:Mischief coupled with a bygone glamor, these wine glasses celebrate the rascal in us all. Buy making this offer you agree to purchase the item at this price however offers are not final until we approve them.
This piece is in great condition and has a few bubbles in the surface as a result of the manufacturing process.
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Vintage Style Refillable Empty Glass Perfume Bottle Lavender Bulb Tassel Spray Atomizer 1.64 Oz.

Classic in fashion, but completely new.This stunning, however practical, refillable squirt atomizer is ideal for your mirror or bureau. Featuring a foxy and fancy classic pin-up, hand-painted stem, and roomy bowl for a flavorful sip, this wine glass is perfect for those that know, “The best way to behave is to misbehave.” Vintage vixen misbehave wine glass measures 8?”x3?“ and holds 18oz.
Its surface has a mint green color that exudes vintage charm; collectors will love its slightly transparent quality.
Inspired by a glass jar, the Addie lights boast large mouth-blown shades with a hand-crafted quality about them. This one is a little different from the other one, as it’s all glass including the lid. The dish features four pie slice style compartments that are augmented by a sunburst pattern engraved on its underside.

Their charm lies in their imperfections – the bubbles captured in the seeded glass, the uneven texture, the subtle hues.
These colorful pendant lights are a great focal point suspended above the kitchen table or along the bar, in the living area, the bedroom, home office, or any place where you’d like to infuse a touch of glowing color.
Suspend the Addie pendant alone or in groups, in a single shade or mix them up for an artisan aesthetic.

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