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My favourite antique jewellery shop is The French Jewel Box┬áin Melbourne’s historic Block Arcade.
Possibly one of the smallest shop spaces anywhere (it measures only just 2 x 4 metres), it is like a tiny treasure chest. Urban EtiquitteAll of the images on urban kaleidoscope were sourced, scanned, edited & formatted specifically for this site. Models showcase designs from Lisa Gorman's Autumn collection, inspired by rocks from Melbourne Museum.
Designer Lisa Gorman has cracked open the jewellery box at Melbourne Museum to create a new range inspired by geology. She approached Melbourne Museum which invited her into the underground geosciences archive. Hailing from Warrnambool, Gorman has been a major Australian success story, her label's bold colours and signature dots and prints bulging against the stores' windows.
While three models wore the new designs at the launch, Gorman wore a rocky top herself, teamed with gold sandals and a pencil skirt.

The autumn range reveals "a whole feeling of underground and overground, so there's a bit of satellite map-style printing. For Dermot Henry, manager of the museum's Natural Sciences collection, such relationships thrive on access.
A few dazzling rocks have been exhumed as background for the garments, and it's these that make heads turn – striking as the models might be. Even if I did not have a personal connection with this gem (it is owned and run by my dearest friend, Louise, and her mother Mary-Lou) I’d love it. Most of the stock is artfully displayed in copper edged cabinets facing into one of Melbourne’s landmark arcades, the Block Arcade. I used to walk past the French Jewell Box on my way to and from work every day, and could never resist peeking in the window.
Henry explains the finer points of a giant blue topaz and gypsum from South Australia, a nobbly thing like a gorgeous pistachio confection. Each piece whether it is antique, vintage or bespoke has been individually chosen for its beauty, craftsmanship and the highest grade materials.

Outside is a remarkable 19th century mosaic tiled floor, and above are a cornucopia of florid Victorian excess. There's a nickel carbonate from Western Australia's Kambalda with bright green strips, and a glorious rare, deep green mineral from Namibia. Even with all of the attractions of the arcade, I challenge anyone interested in beauty to walk past the French Jewel Box without stopping. We were overseas together in May this year, and on our last night in Paris, the very same fella proposed with a stunning antique French ring from this very store.

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