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Here in France, some things are really expensive, including solar wax melters (Cerificateur) which start at about 160€ and go up from there. I’ve made a second tray in case the first one needs cleaning and all this for under 20€ using recycled materials. Bee removalWe will collect easily accessible swarms within a 30km radius of Civray (86400) - just call Jon on 0549 971017.
Living MagazineFor all you need to know about living in or visiting the south west of France, pick up a copy of Living Magazine available free across the region. Summer Guide to Poitou-CharentesAre you planning a holiday in Poitou-Charentes in the south west of France? In my last post on this topic I decided on what I would begin building my own hash oil vape pen from e-cigarette parts.
Over the past few months I’ve collected a nice little collection of concentrates, ranging from shatters to wax to oils. This collection includes Ear Wax (sativa-dominant), Honey Oil (sativa-dominant), a collection of shatters (sativa, indica and hybrid), hash oil (sativa) and my ghetto dab tool… a clay modeling tool I bought at a local art store. As you can see in the image above, my e-cig vape pen is very similar to my Micro Vaped Vaporizer Pen. Loading the skillet on my Micro Vaped is a super easy task, just unscrew the black cone on top and drop your dab onto the exposed coil. Compare that experience to using my Micro Vaped skillet, and it’s a hands-down win for the robust skillet. I’m determined to build a better vape pen, so now I need to see if I can find a 510 threaded attachment similar to the skillet for my Micro Vaped.
Read more in the series of posts about my experience with hash pens and my journey of building my own pen with e-cigarette parts. So given the recent spell of hot weather, I decided to make my own from what I had in the barn.

One expert tip: make sure you buy a charger from the same vendor where you purchase your battery. The Micro Vaped is shorter (Vaped Vaporizers does sell a larger battery comparable to the 650mAh Joyetech) and the on switch is in the same location. On my Micro Vaped it is easy to see my $10 new-ish bright green skillet attachment (you can also see the black skillet that came with the Micro Vaped sitting to the right). First you need to prepare the cartomizer to accept thick hash oil instead of thin e-cig fluid.
I researched possible designs and decided to build a tilted table with a removable tray (with a mesh filter). Find out about the places to go and things to do across Charente, Charente-Maritime, Deux-Sevres and Vienne. Amazingly I ordered these items on a Thursday and they were in my mailbox on Saturday (shipped via First Class US Postal Service). The two chargers I have look identical, but my Micro Vaped charger will not charge my Joyetech battery… interesting.
The eGo-C Twist is one of the newest models from Joyetech, a fairly well trusted name in electronic cigarettes. Both devices also have a lock-out safety feature when you hit the on button 5x in a row, it flashes and shuts off so that it doesn’t accidentally start to vape in your pocket. For the Joyetech e-cig, you can see the silver cartomizer capped with 2 silicone covers to the left of the blue device.
This requires popping the top off of the cartomizer and removing the wicking material that sits around the central air tube. It turns out that due to the price, these cartomizers are known to be cheap and somewhat unreliable (you get what you pay for?). From cognac tastings to the best beaches and what not to miss at Futuroscope, there is no better guide to the region.

To turn it on, just hit the button 5x again and it flashes that it’s ready for business. There is also one attached to the battery (the silver piece with the black drip tip on the end, covered up by the blue cone cover). This wicking material is meant to hold your e-cig nicotine fluid (think of this like the batting inside of a Zippo that holds the lighter fluid). I was actually able to get 3 very solid hits from my e-cig… then it stopped working completely. I really have to give Vaped Vaporizers a lot of credit for building a robust heating element.
The Twist allows you to have a solid plume one moment and then tone it down for a mellow puff the next.
They have even come out with a recent heating element that sits in a glass globe, which really mimics the dab rig experience. You can also adjust the voltage to work with different 510 thread cartomizers and atomizers with different resistances.
I checked all of the pieces, charged the battery again, still no luck, so I grabbed a new cartomizer, went through the reload process and it was working like a charm again… then it stopped, again, nuts.
One more time, I tried a new cartomizer and it is working again, though 3x filling cartomizers is not my idea of a good time.
On the plus side, you can put a full gram of wax into a cartomizer and have it available for use, on the downside, if that cartomizer stops working, you need to reclaim that wax by torching it and hoping that you get out all of your hash oil.

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