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When considering an EMT stethoscope for your personal use there are many brands and types from to choose. Dual-Head-Dual-Tube stethoscopes (also known as Sprague-Rapport types) are perhaps the most common and cost effective type of stethoscope used in emergency medical services. Sprague-Rapport type stethoscopes have a great advantage over single head scopes in that they have much greater frequency response.
Dual-head single tube stethoscopes are general superior in hearing capabilities than the previous two types of scopes. They are good for a backup when you forget yours at a patient's house (I've done that all too frequently).
From my point of view, an EMT should have their own EMT stethoscope and not rely on a company or squad issued "Scope".
I have several, one in jump kit, one in my car, one stashed in the rig (where my partner can't find it). The small bell is used for high frequency sound (useful for pediatric patients) and the large bell is used for low frequency sounds such a lung sounds.
There are several reasons for this, the primary one is that you get used to your own device.
I don't get too upset when I lose one of these types since they are so cheap.I like this as a new EMT stethoscope since newbies have not yet developed their own personal habits to keep track of things (some say after 25 years I need to develop new ones - the "Boss" will kill me if I lose another one). These scopes are generally over $50 (US).I used one of these for many years and guarded it jealousy. You can get the high frequency sounds by lightly applying the device and the low frequency sounds by pressing harder.The main disadvantage for an EMT (especially a new EMT) is the price. Also, you don't have to worry about somebody else's ear wax buildup when the scope is yours. Buying a scope like this wont set them back a pretty penny.The main disadvantage of this type of scope is that the dynamic frequency is rather small.

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