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Aviation Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for aircraft pilots, mechanics, and enthusiasts. I recently bought a quadcopter and noticed every time I fly it there is this weird buzzing noise. The buzzing you hear is probably either the frequency at which the motor is spinning or, perhaps, the frequency of some oscillation of the fan blades. Each rotor has its own motor, so each prop will rotate a close-to but not necessary the same rate.
The tip speed of many aircraft propellers is close to supersonic, and if not properly controlled can exceed the speed of sound, but most models don't get up that fast (and your blade tips don't have to be supersonic to be annoyingly loud). Anything over about 650 feet per second (200 meters per second) and the propeller is probably really loud and annoying.
It is entirely likely that your quadricopter, based on the picture, is not even in the range of expensive supersonic models.

Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged propeller noise model-aircraft or ask your own question. Can foreigner fly model aircraft (quadcopter) in US without being part of an organization (like AMA)? Can noise from contra-rotating propellers be reduced by having a different number of blades on each propeller? If there is a good tag for this question besides supersonic than please add it to the question thanks.
A common cause is aerodynamic flutter creating a feedback loop which excites the vibration modes. I'd expect smaller accelerators to have much higher RPMs, since the track is so much shorter. On an airliner turbofan engine you can sometimes hear this weird buzzing sound from the engines, which this sound is the n1 fan spinning faster than the speed of sound and resulting in this loud buzzing sound.

Otherwise, you can measure it as 2 x the distance from the center of the drop to a blade tip. The buzzing, if it is underlying the whine of the fan, is probably either the motor itself or some other internal friction.
On the other hand, if it is the whine of the rotors, which you described as a "buzz", that's just the way they sound at that size and type, evidenced by your knowledge of the sounds of similar copters. There would be something on the package about that, because producers like bragging about speed.

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