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My favorite two E-Class body styles are the two the general public in the USA likes the least: the wagon and the coupe.
The Mercedes E-Class is paramount to the health of the brand, and luxury is what people are looking for when they test drive an E-Class. After you kick back and let the car drive for a while you can find a parking spot, get out, hit a button on your phone, and watch your fancy new car park itself. Car-to-X Communication is a new system in which a car can wirelessly communicate with other vehicles and pieces of transportation infrastructure.
These are a few of the cool new features and noteworthy facts about the new bread-and-butter model for the three-pointed star.

A few quick swipes of the thumb and you're modifying settings, browsing radio stations, or tuning the climate control without having to lose your perfect nine and three grip.
This means that, for now, it will know the location, heading, and speed of every other 2017 E-Class, but in the near future it will get information like that from a number of other cars as well as warnings about icy roads or other hazards from stop lights, bridges, and the like. The stapedius' job is to protect your ear drums from loud noises, and this new system from Mercedes could possibly save your hearing one day. That's why Mercedes-Benz engineers spent just over two-and-a-half years refining the new seats. While in-town commuting is still a chore (albeit a rather comfortable one) in the new E-Class, interstate driving isn't something the driver has to do anymore.

It took that long to figure out how to make them wider, longer, more adjustable, better cushioned, and also lighter. That's right, this car will keep a speed, slow down if the car in front does, stay in its lane up to 130 mph, and change lanes automatically with nothing more than a touch of the turn signal.

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