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If you notice any of the following symptoms you may have a hearing loss and should see a hearing professional. People who have hearing loss are often not aware that their hearing has declined because hearing loss often occurs very gradually. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms frequently you should call our clinic today 739-0999. Mandatory Signs – Mandatory signs provide specific instructions that MUST be carried out. Corflute – Corrugated plastic ideal for temporary use on building and construction sites and can be easily fixed to chain wire fences. Poly (Plastic) – Comes with rounded corners and pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting.
Signs show off important, helpful messages with graphics to increase compliance in your workplace.

Our return policy is that items (except custom items) can be returned, in their original condition, within 30 days of delivery. Polypropylene is a UV stable 1.5mm thick plastic that is great for semi-permanent use outside in direct sunlight.
All signs come with radius corners and 4 pre-drilled holes in each corner ready for mounting.
Exposure to loud noises, such as blasting, heavy machinery, explosions, fireworks, or jet engines can cause irreversible hearing loss. We calculate our shipping cost for each shipping method based on the size, weight and quantity of the items on your order. Metals signs are heavy duty and great for permanent use inside and outside in all weather conditions. Hearing protection is required where machinery or continuous loud noise may permanently damage a worker's hearing.Caution headers are used to indicate a potentially hazardous situation which could result in minor or moderate injury.

Your shipping and handling charges are summarized at checkout and most packages in your order can be tracked via our carriers' websites.
The extremely heavy orders (orders over 10,000 lbs) always need a custom freight quote to assure their accuracy. All trademarks, graphics or photos not owned by Signs Direct Inc are the property of their respective owners.Pictures may not be an exact representation of products. Caution signs warn that if precaution is not taken which may cause minor or moderate injury.

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