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Here is a cautionary tale about involving Yi in decision making, how this can get you tied up in an endless series of unpromising readings, and the tremendously simple way to avoid this. So the moral of the cautionary tale is this: ask the simplest, most open question first, before you ask about specific options. Now you have the (not very complicated) moral of the story, you don’t really need the cautionary tale itself.
I’ve decided to┬áinclude all the courses and learning materials I offer, now and in future, under the Change Circle roof. And then it dawned on me how spectacularly I would be missing the point if I made an offer along the lines of, ‘Become a supporter and get some sort of forum perks – er, how about access to the bookmarking plugin?

But what brought me to this point was the previous question – not asking ‘what if I do this? Well, because I’ve managed to act out the full story twice in the past couple of weeks . I’ve been practising and teaching and helping people with ways to hear the true question for a long, long time. Something never possible before the internet connected our vast diversity of humanity and gave us the opportunity to connect and co-operate.
And I set off on a string of readings which I will not bore you with here, asking about what kind of minimum to set and whether to have a ‘recommended’ price, and if so, what?

That brought the pattern into excruciatingly clear focus for me, so I thought it worth sharing. Choosing the path that accords with my direction: what am I aiming for here, and what will help?

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