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From working with my angels and guides I was shown my life’s purpose and encouraged to take that path, no matter what others thought of me.
I love helping people to connect to their angels and guides so that they too can start to work with them and bring them into their daily lives. I love getting feedback from clients and friends about the things that have happened to them.
I love imparting knowledge to people,  helping them to see things differently and to accept it. Being able to send healing energy to my mum, who lives 200 miles away from me, so that I can help her with the pain that she is enduring.
I have gone through some major changes in my life over the last couple of years and without the support of my angels and guides I don’t think I would have managed to get through it. I would have had to have gone back to full time employment in an office again, which would have suppressed me, my heart and most importantly my soul. Start to talk to them, I know that you can’t necessarily see them (more on this on another blog), but trust that they are there with you. Things won’t always come in straight away, often they do, but sometimes it takes longer, there will be a reason for that happening and again I will talk more on this on another blog.
Trust that you have been heard and that they will be working in the background to help you. However, wait until they see your transformation, they will soon be asking what you are doing differently and what your secret is. It is then that, if you feel confident enough to do so, you can share your knowledge and spread the word about how wonderful working with your angels is. My life has completely changed since I have been living and working with my angels and guides.
Whenever I work with clients, whether it be on a workshop or on a one to one basis, I always teach them, or if they already know, then emphasise  the importance of making sure that their energies are protected and that they are grounded too. As you know everything on this earth is made up of energy, all vibrating at different levels or frequencies. Even people vibrate at different levels; miserable, sad, grumpy and negative people vibrate on a much lower energy than the ones who are always happy, jolly, positive and loving and living life to the full.
You can become influenced by the energy around you and this can cause you to feel flaky, floaty, flighty, off kilt, in other words off balance. The act of grounding is a really simple exercise that can have immediate results and you can start to feel better and more settled right way. Spend some time by the ocean, a river or a body of water.  Again if you can go barefoot even better.
Well if you do a simple protection exercise every day (at the same time as doing your grounding) then this will help to protect your energies, it will stop them being zapped by other people.
Or pulling a sheath of light up from your feet to the top of your head, which protects you. Crystals  are also good for protecting you and your home from negative energies, including those emitted from PCs, laptops, mobile phones and tablets. If you think about it anyone coming into your home can be bringing in negative energy with them.  They can pick it up from other people and bring it in with them. So it is important to clear the build up of stale energy in your home.  You can do this as often as you like and I highly recommend that you do it at least two or three times a week. You can also purchase special sprays for your room too.  These are useful if you are holding an event in a hotel conference room or meeting room and you cannot burn incense, these will clear the air for you.
You can also ask Archangel Michael to protect your home and everyone in it.  And he will do so for you with pleasure. As it shines it will give you the strength, courage and hope that you need to keep you going.
Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: courage, hope, light, love, strengthAre You Ready To Live Happily In The Now? So as we come to the end of the first month of 2015, I wonder how everyone is feeling?  Has the euphoria of a new year now been extinguished or is it still shining brightly inside of you? For many of you it may be back to normal – even new year resolutions, if you made any, may be starting to fizzle already. For me this new year has been a bit different from previous ones and I am really enjoying it. You see I learnt a great deal in 2014, a great deal about life in general but more importantly a great deal about myself. But it occurred to me recently that I really may not be here tomorrow – so just get on with it today. Obviously some days weren’t as good as others and there were times when my new found positivity and optimism were put to the test.
And when it came to midnight on the 31 December 2014 I really didn’t want to say goodbye to 2014, I was quite happy for everything just to continue to flow in as it has been doing.
Trying to see the good in everyone (ok so this does need lots of practice and perseverance  and I haven’t quite got it nailed yet). I now know that your mind set has a lot to do with all of this and that we are like big magnets attracting in the same as how we are feeling and the things that we are saying.

This is where it can be a little tricky especially if you know you need to feel happy but are actually feeling fed up or sad.
Thinking about one of your favourite places that you like to visit.  And even if you cannot physically get there you can imagine it and remember it and think of the good times that you have spent there.
Smile more and when you are out and about smile at strangers and say hello.  They will say back and not only will you be making yourself feel better but will also be making a difference to their live too. If we say or think something derogatory about someone, then we can expect the same back at us. It is really a case of being aware of what we are thinking, saying and feeling at all times.  And if any of these are negative then we need to counter balance by thinking really good thoughts, saying nice things about someone and feeling good inside. It does take practice and it also needs to become a habit for it to work consistently.   But just try these simple exercises for now to get you on the right track and keep doing them and then notice how your life starts to change, how happier you feel inside and how more good things come into your life to be happy about. I really wish I had understood about all of this back in the 1990s and noughties.   How different life would have been for me and my family. However it is never too late to start and by practicing happy thoughts, feelings and words then you will soon start to notice the difference. If you would like to find out more about this or if you would like to have a chat about it then just contact me and we can arrange a complimentary call to discuss it. Filed Under: Blog Tagged With: gratitude, happiness, positive, thank, thankful, thinkingIs There A Buzzing In Your Ears? When you sit quietly does it sound like that fuzzy, buzzy, white noise that you get when you go to a gig or you used to get when you went to a rave? Mmm well I have that buzzy, fuzzy, ringing in my ears sometimes and I know for a fact that it isn’t Tinnitus. I have clients who have been to me with ringing, buzzy, fuzzy, clicking sounds in their ears and they haven’t got Tinnitus either.
You see sometimes, not always I hasten to add, the white noise is a way that your guides and angels try to communicate with you.  They have messages and guidance for you and they want you to hear them. Now I am not saying that everyone who gets this noise and discomfort in the ears hasn’t got Tinnitus. What I am saying is that for some people all it takes is for them to acknowledge it and ask what it is that they need to know and the noise will stop. You see your angels and guides can only help you if you ask them to.  However, when they have messages for you, or see that life is being particularly challenging,or in fact they know that you are at a crossroads in your life with important decisions to make, then they will try and connect with you and get you to notice them so that they can help you to make life easier for yourself. And the more they try to get your attention and fail the more the signs become more apparent. At the time I had already begun to work with my angels, so although it was a shock I also realised what was going on.  So I acknowledged that they were communicating with me and I thanked them (in my head) and then it all went quiet. This time last year I had no idea at all that I would be doing the work that I am doing now or how much joy it would be bringing me.
I am working with and meeting the most amazing people, mainly women I hasten to add, who are starting to think that enough is enough and there has got to be more to life than this.
I have met with some incredible women, who are already doing a great job, but who are set to become real leaders in their own way and who will be making a big difference to people’s lives in the future. So I want to take this time to say a huge big thank you to those of you who have come to me for readings, or healings, for bringing joy into my life and for allowing me to do the most wonderful work in the world (well in my eyes anyway). I haven’t spent a penny but I have had some of the most beautiful gifts that I could ever ask for. I have had the glorious sunshine on a March day, I have had wonderful company, I have had a walk along the beautiful Hamble river, which over the last few weeks has had such devastation and power inflicted upon it but now flows so majestically again.  The carnage that the storms have brought in evident on the banks of the river, most of it man made too (not so wondrous I have to say!).
I have spent quality time with my husband whilst we walked our trusty four legged companions.  And laughed at the dogs frolicking in the streams and chasing around the woods trying to find the Deer that they could so obviously smell. We have met other people, strangers to us, and we have passed the time of day with them.  Laughing and joking and chatting away.
People smiling, laughing, walking through the mud and puddles with their wellies on, enjoying the sunshine. And then this afternoon I have spent time in my garden digging over the veggie patch, getting it ready to grow the vegetables and salads that will sustain us during the summer days to come.
Life sometimes gets too complicated.  We let our worries and concerns take over everything and we stop seeing the beauty that is around us because we get too caught up in the day to day living. We don’t have to have money either to enjoy what is around us, we just need to open our eyes, ears, nose, our hearts and our minds and let the beauty around us flow in. Starting to appreciate what we have around us rather than always striving to get somewhere else is one of the greatest lessons that we can learn.
Jumping off the roller coaster and taking stock is one of the things that we should do on a regular basis. Are you tired of the day to day drudgery, of going to work, working hard, looking after the family and not having enough time, energy or money to do what you really want to do? Does  it feel that you never seem to have enough to pay the bills, the mortgage the rent and have any spare for a few nights out, new toys for the kids, holidays away?
Do you look at houses and cars and exotic holidays and wish that you could have them but deep down you know that you cannot afford them and you stop dreaming straight away.  They are for someone else not for you!
Did you have dreams of how your life would be, but you now see them drifting away.  Life and reality has now taken over.

Well what if I was to tell you that you take charge of your life and can start to make some really positive changes to it – and that it won’t take a lot to do it either, what would you say?
What I am going to say next may make me sound as though I am completely bonkers and off my trolley!  But I am going to say it anyway because that is just how passionate I am about getting this message out there. About 12 months ago I learnt all about Spirit Guides and Angels and how they can help you to live an easier life! Because I want to share with you what I have learnt I will be running a 4 week online programme, starting on the 12 February 2014,  (just one call per week) talking about angels and guides and how you can work with them to make your life easier, to get clarity in your life, to feel so supported and to be able to get the life that you really want. No more putting up with second best or struggling to make ends meet.  Instead living the life that you have always dreamt of and being the person that you really want to be, and not the one that you think you ought to be. By putting into practice the things that I can teach, you almost straight away you will start to notice positive differences and your life will start to change because you will have a different outlook on it.
One morning, I walked to the top of the nearby hill and as I walked along the ridge I felt like I was on top of the world, not just because of the fantastic view up there, but also because of how I feel inside. Whilst I walked along with my dogs, I spent time reflecting on 2013, which I can quite honestly say has been the best year of my life so far. I have learnt so much and I have completely changed my outlook on life because of the lessons and the experiences that I have had. There will be no more putting up with things because I think that I have to, there will be no more struggling to make ends meet and worrying about the lack of money. I will be putting myself first and will be going out to enjoy my life in all of it’s glory. I now know that my future is in my own hands, that I can write my life as I want to live it and that I have the means and the power to do that.  I know that I am able to manifest the life that I want. I am a good PA and run a successful business.  I am a great mum and have 3 brilliant children who bring me so much joy, but I knew there must be something else for me to do.
I wanted to make a difference and help people, but I didn’t really know what I could do that would not only make a difference,  but most importantly would be something that I would enjoy doing. Well last year, after 52 years, I found out why I am here and finally realised the gifts that I have.
I realised that I am psychic, that I have been here many times before (I have even proved back one of my past lives – and that story along with others will be in my book when I write it). I have also learnt how to manifest what I want in my life, which is incredibly powerful, but relatively easy to do when you know how.
And so 2014 is going to be even more amazing and I am really looking forward to working with some incredible people – helping them to make positive changes to their lives. I can hardly begin to explain or describe just how low and worthless I felt when I was going through a bout of depression back in the early 1990s.
Every day was the same – it was bleak, dreary, dark and life to me seemed hardly worth living. And then when I did speak I used to forget half of what I wanted to say, usually in the middle of a sentence, which was very embarrassing.
I liken it to being at the bottom of a cold dark well and looking up and seeing a pin point of light at the top. All I wanted to do was run away, stand on top of a cliff and scream, shout and cry at the top of my voice.
Funnily enough, I did go to the GPs on a regular basis, in fact weekly I would say, as it always seemed that one of the children had something wrong with them.  The doctor would quite often ask how I was, but it seemed that when I was there I was actually feeling ok or having a good day and so I would always say that I was fine, only to feel ill and low again a few hours later. She immediately ordered me to go home and write down my feelings straight away and describe how bad I felt and how low I was.  In fact she encouraged me to get down on paper my inner most feelings at that moment in time. I got an appointment for the next day, I have a feeling that I had a note on my records and that the Health Visitor and GP were aware of what I was going through, as I had no trouble at all getting an appointment with my doctor.   I doubt that with the booking systems the way they are these days that anyone can get in so quickly!!  But back then it was easier. It took a while to recover and I did have a number of blips.  It was a hard journey with lots of ups and downs but with the help of my family and friends I did get through it. There have been times since when I have had troubles and have felt like the whole world is on my shoulders, but I have never felt like that again.
And if I even have the slightest hint that I am going down that same path, then I immediately do something to stop it from happening. I will always be indebted to Debbie, my friend, she listened to me, she heard me out and knew just what to do about it. Not normally a dangerous or serious problem, tinnitus is usually a symptom of some other underlying condition and most often considered a nuisance. My goodness me, I wouldn’t want the medical profession or the people suffering from Tinnitus on my back giving me what for. I have learnt that I have many guides who are there to support me and I learnt that I am able to channel other people’s guides too!
Not only for myself, but for my family, friends and clients to help them to gain clarity,  get answers to their questions from their guides and to live the life that they want and desire. After all aren’t you supposed to feel over the moon when you have a baby (or 2 in my case)?

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