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Once the kids get too old for Santa, there are special foods the kids can help making, like the Grattimaa. About MeMarlies is a 'renaissance woman' a 'Jack' or should that be a 'Jill' of all trades.
It’s been weeks, months, maybe even years, and you’re wondering, could he be the one for me? I also vaguely remember that I had to recite some kind of poem and the got a handful of nuts (peanuts, walnuts and brazil nuts) and a filled gingerbread (gingerbread filled with marzipan, it is yummy) and a mandarin. Before you take the plunge into marriage, check out these 15 signs he is definitely the perfect man for you.1. You are Comfortable and Happy to Make Future Plans With HimIf making plans with this man doesn’t get you excited- or at least happy- then he might not be the man for you. If you can’t make a simple future plan together, how will you spend the rest of your LIFE with this guy? You should be completely comfortable and happy to make future plans with your man, from a simple trip to the lake next month to ten kids in the next 20 years.2.
He Treats You the Way You Want to be TreatedWe all have different ideas of how we should be treated.
If he has anger problems or makes you feel bad about yourself, you should highly reconsider the actual relationship- let alone a future marriage.3. If you’ve been the woman he’s talked (bragged) about to all of his family members and friends, he’s probably certain your the ideal woman and wants to make a very bright future with you. If this is true, quit blushing and giggling and give yourself a pat on the back: he’s marriage material and he totally loves you!4. He’s Still Romantic and Chivalrous Advertisement I can’t tell you how many times a marriage is destroyed by the simple fact that there is no longer any romance or chivalry.
Your man should always keep you feeling special and loved, even if its something simple like a sappy love poem or sweet date night under the stars.

And trust me, if he’s already stopped being chivalrous, he’s not going to suddenly pick it up again.5. These are just a few important things you need to make sure the two of you have in line before walking to the alter. If you don’t share the same morals and values, the relationship is headed for failure instead of a bright, thriving future. 6. You’ve Met Each Others FamiliesThis is more important than you think! After all, if he hasn’t brought you around his folks, what does that say about how important you are in his life?
He enjoys all your quirks and your silly jokes, he even loves your ‘large’ nose or goofy smile; and that’s that. You Want to Spend Every Second With HimOnce you two get married, you will be seeing a lot of this man- and we mean a lot.
The Two of You Share EverythingSecrets don’t make friends- and they certainly don’t make lovers.
If you two are comfortably to share everything together, good or bad, then this is certainly a relationship that will last. Amazing CommunicationIf your relationship would crumble over the silliest mishaps, then he probably isn’t marriage material. But if the two of you have amazing communication and can talk through any problems you might have, it is a definite sign you’re ready to put a ring on it. After all, so many marriages are ruined for the simple fact that they couldn’t reach a certain communication level and weren’t able to talk things out.11. Still Plenty of SteamJust like there should always be plenty of romance and chivalry to keep things interesting, there should also be plenty happening inside of the bedroom.
This is incredibly important, as a relationship that doesn’t keep things steamy and enticing in the bedroom may lead to one partner getting bored- and possibly cheating.
If the two of you are always trying new things and can’t wait to get alone time so you can please each other, we see a very bright (and erotic) future that you both will enjoy until death do you part!12.

The Relationship Comes EasyYou have probably heard this phrase before: a relationship shouldn’t be hard.
You’re Always Happy Around Each OtherOk, nobody is happy with their partner ALL the time (you know, like when he farts in front of you and it stinks beyond belief). But if your both happy for a majority of the time, it’s a safe bet to say the relationship is perfect for the next step: marriage. He Complements YouDoes he seem to have a superpower of making you smile when you are distraught?
This is probably the best sign to tell if you are a match made in heaven, as so many people do the opposite of complement each other!15.
And although we might not be 100 percent right ALL the time, we still have a pretty good intuition about the guy we are with. We’d love to hear about what you thought of these 15 signs you should marry your boyfriend, and we’d love to know what YOU consider to be a top sign he is the one for you. Its better to wait after you get married and it makes your wedding night so much more special. After seeing a number of relatives get divorced, I totally understand why people want to live together before they get married–it is one of the easiest ways to find out if they are really committed and ready to be together. If the couple does not want to sleep together, you are right–it would be a wonderful experience to be together for the first time on their wedding night.
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