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As an NFL and CFL quarterback, Hufnagel learned to tune out the background noise in enemy territory. Heading into Week 6, Hufnagel and the Stamps owned a healthy 4-1 record and a share of top spot in the West. As a member of the coaching staff, Dickenson gets an up-close look at a CFL legend at work.
Huddled in an office on the south side of McMahon Stadium, Hufnagel detects ringing in one of his ears.
From Cleveland, Hufnagel moves to Indianapolis to work with Peyton Manning as the quarterback coach. In 2003, he wins a Super Bowl as the quarterback coach for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.
From Foxborough he graduates to offensive co-ordinator with the New York Giants where he guides the likes of Tiki Barber, Jeremy Shockey, Plaxico Burress and Eli Manning. A year later, he emerges in Calgary as general manager, head coach and man in charge of his old team, the Stampeders.
That group includes former Stampeders John Forzani and Dave Sapunjis, former CFL commissioner Doug Mitchell and businessman Ted Hellard. Thankfully, he hopped in the car and drove five minutes to The Hearing Loss Clinic at North Hill Centre. The five seconds of silence are gone — although hearing aids are called aids for a reason.
Away from the field, Peni Hufnagel had some initial reservations about the move to Calgary from Jacksonville.
Strangely enough, Hufnagel has the second longest tenure of any CFL coach with a start date of Dec. We have 3 locations in Calgary: North, North West and South and an office in each Okotoks, Cranbrook and Creston, and Invermere, British Columbia.
The Logitech Gaming Headset G130 is designed to immerse gamers in their favourite online game’s music and ambient sounds with static-free, high-quality digital audio delivered through high performance noise-isolating ear cups. The gaming headphone is constructed with lightweight and durable materials, enabling enthusiasts to participate in marathon gaming competitions and tourneys for hours on end. The noise-cancelling ear cups and microphone further lend to a very good team-playing game experience, letting you communicate with team members flawlessly, without signal interruptions or static, helping you achieve your team’s military objective or fulfil your group’s fantasy quest.
With its 3.5mm jacks, very long cord, and convenient on-ear audio controls, the affordable G130 is the perfect companion in all your gaming endeavours. Video Conferencing New Zealand is an exclusive supplier of high quality video conferencing and teleconferencing hardware, at the lowest possible prices. If you are seeking video conferencing equipment in Australia, please visit: Video Conferencing Australia.

Now let’s talk sound, because that’s what really matters, and it’s the part that will (at least in some regards) surprise you. I thought that I might have just had a lemon, so I contacted the agency to provide me another set. As an NFL and CFL coach, he drew up his own personal game plan for a world that became increasingly muffled.
He would, of course, turn redder than a Stampeders jersey at the mere mention of the word genius. And in spite of his sometimes gruff exterior, Hufnagel turns out to be much like the rest of us.
Hufnagel has graduated to the NFL as the quarterback coach for the expansion Cleveland Brown. A year later, he drops down to Jacksonville to manage the quarterbacks for head coach Tom Coughlin. That’s the only word to describe the man they call Huff in action on the Stampeder bench. He turns 59 in September, so he’s definitely young enough to take another run at the NFL. And no matter what, he’ll always have a fan on the other side of the Rocky Mountains. The speakers take into account what gamers like to hear when playing First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games, or Massive Multiplayer Online Games – sharp and clear sound effects and heart-pounding music which the G130 faultlessly delivers: accurate metallic high notes and deep, throbbing bass tones. But the company has been going through a transition period of late, separating from Monster in January of this year and now it has released its first two post-Monster products.
I’ve never been a huge fan of the Beats look, finding them to be overall too flashy and without the substance to make that excusable. It’s not a fully-rigid enclosure, but there’s enough stiffness to keep your headphones relatively safe in your bag. I griped loudly about how Beats tend to over-emphasize the bass frequencies, falsely inflating them to the point where they sound about as high quality as a beat-up car with subwoofers and a rattling license plate. Instead of pounding bass, the equalizer (EQ) curve appears to be a steadily climbing line toward the higher frequencies.
It tends to do an admirable job of blocking out low end frequencies such as jet engine rumble but I could still make out every word of a Skype chat that my wife was having across the room. Unfortunately this appears to be an ongoing issue because the exact same problem can be replicated by the second pair. The V-Moda Crossfades are one of my current favorites, but traditional options from Sennheiser, AKG and even AiAiAi will leave you very happy.
I’ve been testing the Beats Executive over-the-ear noise cancelling headphones to see if they live up to their $300 MSRP.

The Executives, fortunately, have been toned down from the typical glossy plastic, instead relying on matte silver finishes for the largely-metal components. One of the cords is a straight stereo mini on both ends, but the other includes a microphone and remote to use the Executives with your mobile.
Since these are active noise cancelling (ANC) headphones, a pair of AAA-cell batteries finds a home in the left side ear cup. They’re not quite as huge as offerings from Beyerdynamic or AKG, but when you’re talking about headphones that are designed for travel the size becomes an issue pretty quickly. It appears that the method of operation at Beats is changing, because this is the first set of their headphones that I can say manage to avoid the problem. In fact, the upper end of what would normally be considered a EQ curve is so emphasized that it literally hurts.
On top of that, requiring the headphones to have batteries to even function is disingenuous.
Conduct media interviews in general terms in case of failure to properly hear the question. So he takes the game inside and assumes the head-coaching role for the expansion New Jersey Red Dogs, of the Arena Football League. The leather-style (yes, that means it’s not leather) ear cups and headband are colored a darker slate.
Full control is included for iOS devices, and limited controls work for Android or BlackBerry. They’re incredibly comfortable, however, and wearing them for 4-5 hours at a time I never found myself wishing that they were lighter. At anything other than somewhat low volumes, the Executives absolutely will give you ear fatigue with a quickness. Unfortunately there’s still a huge Beats logo on each ear cup, and an embossed Beats on the top of the headband. It’s strong enough to hold up to road abuse, yet easy to take off without worrying about breaking plastic clips. Instead of hours, I found myself literally breathing a sigh of relief when removing the Beats after 5 songs. But every time that I’d break that suction on the left ear cup I’d hear a very loud “pop”, quite like the membrane on the driver getting pulled out of position.
If I’d push the ear cup back, the pop would happen again and the sound would return to normal.

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