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When you first start your baby registry, you realize just how many baby products are out there. Don’t forget about BabyList, a one-stop spot to register for products from many different stores. Beth, Project Nursery’s Editor, lives in Upstate New York with her husband and their two boys—an inquisitive six-year-old and an imaginative four-year-old. Is getting a noise machine more economical than just playing a recording on your iPod or on your phone? Subscribe to receive $10 off when you spend $50 or more on your first purchase in our shop!

If you are looking for the full Apk file of White Noise Baby APK then you can download it from below or you can also directly install White Noise Baby APK 2.1 from Google Play.Recommended by Katie Couric as an APP-solutely Fabulous Baby App for Moms! It’s overwhelming for anybody but especially for first-time expecting parents, who, shall we say, have a lot of other things on their mind!
We’d love to help you narrow down the playing field here at Project Nursery as you check items off your registry list. Includes perfectly looped sounds that your baby will love such as taking a car ride, classical music, conch shell, doppler ultrasound of the womb, and White Noise. This sleep aid has proven to console and pacify fussy infants and has been recommended to soothe children and is perfect for nap time and bedtime.White Noise Baby has so many great features, requested from parents like you, for your infant child to enjoy!

More features coming soon!White Noise Baby APK Features- Perfectly looped ambient sounds to help babies, children, and kids sleep better - Baby Rattle toy with touch and shake controls - Sound shutoff timer (fades volume to silence) - 10 Tips to help your toddler sleep great - Safety tips from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission - Optimized for longer battery lifeWhite Noise helps your child sleep by blocking distractions while relaxing and reducing stress.
If it’s too quiet, unwanted noise such as a parent walking into the room or another child playing may interrupt your baby’s sleep.

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