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On a distant planet a couple of inseparable sweethearts are living, happy and vivid, counting no time.
On White Noise Online, a team of up to 4 investigators has to explore an area looking for clues, while avoiding being devoured by a supernatural creature. The game takes the idea of simple, accesible horror behind Slender and evolves it further to adapt it to a cooperative environemnt. Designed from scratch to offer a shared horror experience, White Noise Online lets you live new situations, never seen before on a videogame. White Noise Online can be played solo or online, in a cooperative game for up to 4 players.

Another interesting feature of WNO is the replay screen, where you can check the path you and your friends followed. The game has been available for 5 months in the Xbox Marketplace, with over 350.000 players so far. My experiments show that this effect works best at a really absurdly high frame rate (and without that stupid flicker the animated gif is creating).
Gather up to 4 adventurers and explore the eerie locations while avoiding the mysterious monster.
It features over 15 playable characters, each one with their own perks and skills, and 6 scenarios to explore.

Once the thrilling game session is over, have a laugh while seeing how you kept walking in circles! All that's happening is that some of the white noise is moving and some isn't, and it's enough to give form and shape to the foreground layer. Also, depending on the movement in the foreground, objects can seemingly disappear if they move at the same rate as the background, and certain types of jerky movement cause the shape to become fuzzy and less defined.

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