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Perfectly timed to keep the single on everyone’s minds and flowing through their earbuds, Disclosure has released the video for the track today. Do you prefer quiet to sleep, or do you require a little white noise to reach that restful state of slumber?
In a National Sleep Foundation study, 74 percent of respondents describe a quiet room as important for a good night's sleep. Because TV and music constantly change in tone and volume, sleep experts don't recommend them as sleep aids. Turn your bedroom into a sleeping room with peaceful colors that create calm and induce sleep.
External noises, which disturb sleep more during the first three hours, often wake you or cause involuntary shifts in bed too brief to recall when you get up. Whether noises or total silence bothers you, manufactured white noise masks both with a constant, calming auditory background.

Just as white light contains all colors in the spectrum, white noise consists of all frequencies discernible by the ear. Regardless of which white noise maker you select, eventually, you might need it all the time.
Shot among the derelict beauty of Detroit it is a simple, yet captivating clip, with just the right amount of tenderness to balance out the darkness of the city’s urban decay. Steady, smooth white noise, on the other hand, sends you into dreamland and keeps you there.
How easily you return to sleep depends on the time and your emotional response to the sound. It's especially helpful in reducing the impact of unpleasant sounds like a slammed door, car horn or neighbor's dog. True white noise, produced only by electronic means, resembles radio static and isn't very relaxing.

The latest single features vocals from UK R&B sensation AlunaGeorge and is currently sitting at the number 5 spot on the Official UK Singles Chart. For example, a crying baby causes a more dramatic reaction than a snoring spouse, even if they reach a similar decibel level.
The term has evolved, however, to include constant mechanical, natural and ambient noises, which many utilize at bedtime. Smartphone users can download a white noise app with dozens of sounds, including rain, waves and wind, but also more unique settings like a vacuum cleaner, dishwasher and traffic. Angie's List is here to help improve your home, offering more than 700 types of services for your family.

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