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Actually this year is unusual since Oktoberfest will finish one day late on Monday 3rd October due to the public holiday, as is tradition if the Monday following the first Sunday in October (when Oktoberfest always ends) happens to be a public holiday in Bayern. But I'm also very aware that Oktoberfest is a massive annual event in Munchen Bayern held almost entirely in within September where an exclusive traditional beer range with a history extending many hundreds of years (predating your country and mine) is served. So happy to discuss the merits of Spaten, Hofbrau, Lowenbrau, Paulaner and other actual Oktoberfest beers!
I have a Spaten in my fridge, but so far I have been supporting my local Wisconsin micro-brews!
This started last week, initially only when the engine is warm but now it seems at any temperature. The symptom is a whooshing type noise that seems to come from thecentre of the dashboard under accelaration, at first it was like the interior fan had been turned onto position 3 or 4 then turned off when i lift off the throttle. Does anybody have any idea what this problem may be, as I've just started with the same problem today, and I've got a 2.0 Tdci '54 plate, which I've had for 3 weeks , so it will be a trip back to the garage where I bought it, tomorrow, but just wondered if there were any questions I might be able to ask?
It is a very long day on the trail and Debbie discovers sore tired feet hinder photo creativity. Our senses are becoming a bit more attuned to the surroundings and today holds some interesting observations. We do see some wildlife although the bear that is the reason for the no camp zone kept himself concealed.
There are many, many slugs on the trail today, we see no reason to step on them and as we travel along in line a call echos back, “Slug on the right”. 9.5 hours after we departed Cribbs Creek we arrive at the Tsusiat Falls campground, and that includes a 1 hour stop for lunch. There are some toilet problems, one of the two is plum full and has been roped off closed and the other has only one hinge on the door so it is difficult to close but after all how shy can one afford to be in the ‘wilderness’.
This day has taken a lot out of all of us but things are getting progressively less difficult, we are traveling faster and the next two days are well within our capabilities. About 5,000 Syrians a day flee their homeland's bloodshed, a civil war now entering its third year. Many of the 1 million refugee children arrive in Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and memories of friends and home.
Thousands of Syrian schools have been attacked or destroyed in the country’s civil war. Until then, he must be the father figure for his slain brother’s children, Hind, 4, and Mahoud, 3. Mohaned, 3, was holding his father’s hand when gunmen walked up to the family in front of their home in Syria and opened fire, instantly killing the man. Before they fled Syria, sisters Rarawn, 17, and 12-year-old twins, Dalal and Dana, were honor students aiming to become doctors. With nowhere to go and nothing to do, Syrian refugee children spend their day on cots inside dilapidated empty room in Jordan. Refugees like Nura who are living in urban neighborhoods in Jordan face rejection and discrimination. The Jordanian government has opened public schools in the country to Syrian refugees, but the demand is great and the schools fill fast.
A Syrian family makes its down the dusty street to the entrance of Za’atari Refugee Camp. A Syrian family has received their tent for their new dwelling at Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, where at least 120,000 people are registered as refugees.
This Syrian refugee child was able to get a prescription and new eyeglasses while enrolled at World Vision's remedial school in Irbid. Children in the World Vision-funded remedial class in Irbid, Jordan, have reason to smile: Notes tucked inside their new donated backpacks say they are cherished. Leila al-Sakji’s long days are longer now with the influx of Syrian refugees in Irbid, Jordan.

After an afternoon of reading, writing, and math, scores of children head to their families in Irbid, Jordan, where World Vision funds a remedial school for 200 Syrian and Jordanian children.
E46Fanatics is the premiere website for BMW 3 series owners around the world with interactive forums, a geographical enthusiast directory, photo galleries, and technical information for BMW enthusiasts. My pole still shrinks when I lean on it too hard and again my water bottle breaks forcing me to carry it in my spare hand.
We are walking along the beach as it is easier to walk on the wet sand because the water has compacted it and we do not sink so deep. The campground is very large and there is lots of space between sites, which as best I can make are all on the beach. They escape the conflict only to find themselves living in squalid quarters in neighboring nations, in what the United Nations calls the world's worst humanitarian disaster of our time. On the day of Israa’s final exam, warring factions destroyed her school in Syria, shattering her way of life and goals of earning a high school diploma.
The honor student now spends her time confined to a tiny flat with at least 10 others in the most impoverished street in Zarqa, Jordan, near the Syrian border. The 19-year-old Syrian refugee supports up to 10 members of his family now living in an abandoned building in Irbid, Jordan.
The children rarely leave their uncle’s side and Mahmoud is torn each time he has to leave. He rarely leaves the television screen, a donation made to the family living in a settlement in Irbid, Jordan.
They scored high on grades and tests and were set to move onto accelerated courses, preparing them for the medical tract. They break the hours of numbing boredom by speaking of their teachers, their friends at school, and the last day of class. They feel trapped and are left to survive on their own in poor neighborhoods, with no sanitation, electricity, or clean water. Ahmed’s boys have not been able to attend school for two years and still are unable to enroll. The maze of tents and caravans at Za’atari Refugee Camp cover an enormous expanse of sand and rock in the northern Jordanian desert. Za’atari Refugee Camp is the second-largest camp in the world and the fourth-largest population center in Jordan. Certified teachers instruct 200 children in math, English, and Arabic at the remedial school at the Women’s Program Center.
The guardian of children and widows, Leila is director of the Women’s Program Center in Irbid. There are a few camp spots along the way but no large campgrounds and no facilities at any of them. It costs a mere $30, not really that bad since it would cost at least that much to have a crab dinner in any city restaurant. Her camera remains in the pouch and only sees the light of day at the campsites after we have time to change footwear. She longs for the day when she can return home and run through her cobbled streets to hug her father, her teachers and her friends. He’s out on the dusty streets of the city day and night looking for work so he can eek out enough money to pay for bread for his sibling with special needs, his aunt, cousins, and young nieces and nephews. Before he can cope with his ordeal, Mahmoud must now chase a living for his family’s survival.
His family allows Abed to watch as much as he desires because without it he cries uncontrollably. The girls were unable to complete their last week of school because bombs flattened the building.
Their mother tries to play with her children, Adel, 5 (right), Semer, 2 (center), and Islam, 1, but it's not enough.

The sound of Nura’s voice flows melodically like a fresh spring as she speaks of her peaceful existence in Syria before war.
Chain-link fences, some topped with razor wire, protect the mobile units belonging to international aid agencies and food distribution sites. For the children, the nearly two-hour class, offered three times a week, is the bright spot in their lives. We are used to camping in somewhat secluded areas but we are still concerned about the distance we need to cover. As we pass by Clo-oose and head towards the ferry crossing we hit a stretch of new board walk and again our speed picks up.
It is enough to fuel us for a few kilometres but not enough to sustain us for the remaining day’s allotment of 7km. From here on I have Debbie tie my under sole gaiter tie extremely tight and it holds the boot sole mostly in place. We open our ears to the sounds of the waves and realize how similar the sound is to the city sound of cars whooshing by on the street during a rain storm. Walking past the spot from which the eagle lit out we observe a pile of white feathers and realize the dinner that evening is a unfortunate seagull. This is where the previously mentioned vote to move on takes place, we do not have any issues with the tide so it is a beach walk to the falls. The 13-year-old child with special needs sits ever so close to the TV to drown out noises and sounds; firecrackers, shouts, or cars backfiring frighten him. Her tone quickens when she recalls the bombs, bullets, and screams of her children during clashes between armed groups less than a year ago.
Families often leave the camp for neighboring towns and villages in efforts to find better living conditions, but often return.
Most of the Syrian refugee children have missed so much school catching up has proved difficult. There is one site just to the south of the voluntary no camp zone but staying there would just mean putting off the long day as the number of kms left divided between the number of hiking days determines the length of each hike.
When packing to leave I did switch from carrying sandals as my ‘camp’ shoes to an old pair of running shoes just in case my boots did disintegrate, at least I would have something somewhat stable to finish the trail in. As I fish around trying to undo a obstinate ziplock enclosure, a rogue wave rushes in from my left. There are also three very nice camp sites at Tsusiat Point just north of the Hole in the Wall. We figure out it is the sound of rocks clacking on one another as the receding wave draws them back seaward. Their favorite game is simulating scenes from battle and when not playing war games, they fight, their mother says. She says she believes there are too many children scrambling up and down the dirty and dusty alleys of the camp.
L and I think it would be great to stay there but we are out voted (a woman’s vote is weightier than a man’s), the women want to travel the next two kilometres to the falls and have a shorter hike tomorrow. We travel a combination of beach and forest, it is a full leg workout, each type of travel requiring the use of different muscles. Blue ones, orange ones, red ones, magic ones and one that looks like it is chocolate covered.
The mushrooms we observe on the prairies are not nearly as varied as the ones we walk by today. The demand for remedial education is increasing so fast there is a sign in Arabic on the door next to the World Vision sticker.

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