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I thought the incessant ringing was going to drive me over the edge… but the pulsating high-pitched sound is even WORSE. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
So many people have said, "You should write a book!" that I finally decided it was a good idea. In an effort to begin eating a healthier diet… I made the decision to begin my day with a hearty bowl of Steel Cut Oats.
Next up… I cranked the music up LOUD (hearing loss is an annoying health issue) and began to clean and organize the kitchen while dancing to the beat of some oldies (but goodies). I needed to bake something healthy, but sweet to have on hand when the craving after dinner hit. I’m guessing it’s time to turn the volume down on the music, and to step away from the kitchen appliances!
When a fistula forms, blood from an artery under high pressure and flow goes directly into a vein, which is a low pressure and low flow structure.  Even though the fistula is not directly on or within the brain, it can nevertheless lead to brain dysfunction by congesting the brain venous system, as will be explained below.
Finally, many patients who have dural fistulas of all sizes and locations can have a myriad of symptoms such as different kinds of headache, tiredness, loss of concentration, memory problems, even hallucinations, psychosis or other psychiatric problems.  Unfortunately, in these patients the diagnosis of dural fistula can be significantly delayed because dural fistulas are relatively rare, while the above symptoms are very common and usually not due to a fistula. For an in-depth presentation on treatment of Brain Dural AV Fistulas, primarily geared towards neurointerventional professionals, you can visit Techniques: Brain Dural AV Fistula Embolization page.
Below are pictorial diagrams of what a fistula is like and how it can be treated.  The actual anatomy is much more complicated, but the pictures provide a frame of reference.

Finally, post-embolization views, showing the coils in the cavernous sinus (white arrows) and no evidence of fistula on injections of the external carotid artery (brown arrows).  This approach, though technically challenging, can be quite successful when other venues prove unfeasible.
This patient developed a fistula on the dural covering that separates the back part of the brain, called cerebellum, from the overlying occipital lobe. MRA images (top) and stereo MRA composite (MIP) images on the bottom, demonstrating multiple intracranial and extracranial vessels (red arrows) feeding the fistula. The microcatheter has been positioned into another branch of the middle meningeal artery, showing residual fistula and aneurysm.  More glue is injected from this position. Post-embolization views of the left common carotid artery, showing that the fistula is gone.
Heart Rhythm ? Cardiac muscle cells can contract spontaneously and independently ? Regulation of heart activity: 1.
The sound could also be used for the sound of the pulse rushing in any artery not just heart. At least it is possible to ‘tune out’ the ringing from time to time and get a bit of a rest. The best advice doctors can give after an exhausted round of testing is simply “Learn to deal with it”. Things I used to enjoy, like listening to music, going to the movies, and watching TV are becoming annoying. I have always been happiest in a group of no more than 6 people at a time… yet now that number has dropped to 2 people.
I read many recipes last night, some lamented about the long cooking time and others suggested par-cooking the night before so your morning wouldn’t be spent stirring oats for half an hour over a hot stove.

Our group at the NYU Langone Medical Center is one of the premier neurointerventional centers in the world.
When a fistula forms between an artery and a vein within the dura, it is called Brain Dural Fistula, or Brain Dural Arteriovenous Fistula, or BDAVF, etc.
The total amount of radiation delivered to the patient at conclusion of a dynamic CT scan, however, can be VERY high — in some cases resulting in (usually temporary) hair loss. The bottom picture is venogram obtained by directly injecting the cavernous sinus to demonstrate the basal vein (dark blue) and ophthalmic vein (light blue arrows).  Some coils have already been placed into the sinus.
The whooshing however disrupts your concentration and commands you to pay attention to it… every few seconds! White noise, hearing aids, earplugs, ear drops, and such have no effect on the ringing at all.
The details of any treatment are best discussed with the specialist performing the procedure. Some people have tried acupressure, yoga, meditation and essential oils… all with no long-term relief. Listening to music isn’t so horrible, yet the high pitch of the ringing in my ear competes with the instruments to make the experience less than thrilling. I popped the lid and fluffed the rice with a fork… but wait… what was all this brown ick I was stirring up from the bottom?

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